Exclusive interview with PETER SCHEITHAUER

Interview by Amelia Tomasicchio

Peter Scheithauer is the guitar player and founder of Temple of Brutality, Stream, Killing Machine, Devil’s Soul and also played for Joey Belladonna on the Spells of Fear album. Scheithauer played and/or recorded with members of Kiss, Skid Row, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, Testament, Slayer, W.A.S.P., Anthrax, Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen and Accept among others. In these days he’s working on a lot of different kind of things, but he had enough time to allow us a beautiful interview, you can read below.



RRM: Hi Peter! First of all, thank you so much for allowing us this interview. How are you?

Hi Amelia. I'm fine, thanks. A bit tired from last night but that's my own fault. Beside that well I'm happy I think.


RRM: One of your current projects is the one with Devil’s Soul with which you’re making a new album. What’s about that, so far?

Well it's really back to the rock 'n roll roots I grew up with. I had a lot of riffs that sounded cool (well at least I like to think that!) but that couldn't fit Temple of Brutality... at all !!!!!!! Plus I had to find a singer that can fit the profile as well... not easy now a day ! One night I was surfing the net and saw a vid of Butcho. I had no clue who he was but found a contact and emailed him. 2/3 days later he already finished 4 songs ideas and they sounded great !!!! I emailed Rob Affuso and Johnny Rod to see if they were into it and here we are. 


RRM: We know that this album is featuring with a lot of special guests as Gilby Clarke, for example. How did this collaboration start?

I met Gilby late 90's while I was recording demos for Joey Belladonna. Gilby lived at the time a few blocks from my house and he had a studio. We kept in touch but after a while we lost contact as I moved to Florida and Tennessee. Funny enough a couple of years ago Mark Rojas (guitar tech and tour manager for Tob) started to work with Gilby. I than asked if Gilby would be into appearing a song or more and here we go. Yes, more guests will be announced. It's in all good fun!


RRM: What about Temple of Brutality? Are you planning to record a new album?

Yes, I have enough songs for a new cd. Todd is working on some ideas as we speak. Temple is more a question of who is where and does what. It's scheduling everything but again we don't spend time rehearsing or recording as we love the spontaneity of the music. We have a few festivals that want to have us in 2014 and also the Indy Metalfest in September on the 20th .This time we will be focusing on the production a bit more, but still would love to record the cd within a week of time as we did for the first one. There will also be a song that nobody knows prior to jam in the studio. On the last one "Art of War" was the surprise song, wrote it there recorded it all the same day. I'm sure by the end of the year the cd should be done and ready to be released.


RRM: Of course you are a really busy man and also you’ve a new project with Dasley and Billward. What can you tell us about it?

Well it's a long time dream to record another cd with Bob. We talked a lot in the last 3 years, Bob was busy with his book (people should get it !!!!! amazing life of an amazing musician and person!!!), anyway we were talking about making a new album and trying to get a great line up so we could also play some festivals etc... We talked to Bill. Bill is a really busy man, but working on it. I don't want to say more, but I'm very excited about that record. Happy with the riffs etc… Cool vibe old/new school !

RRM: During your great career you’ve made a lot of tours with many important bands like as Ac/Dc, Europe, Alice Cooper etc… What has been your best experience? Can you tell us some anecdotes?

Well of course opening for Ac/Dc at the Stade de France in Paris was just over the top. The stadium itself is just amazing. Great vibe. As far as an anecdote on that day my gears disappeared!!!!! Never found it ever again. Not fun though. Alice Cooper is one of the coolest guy ever !!!!! The show was really late but still he took the time to hang and talk after show. Very interesting person. Of course the tv was running some golf tournament in the background. Also one of my favorite run was with Temple of Brutality on a Chimaira/Arch enemy tour. Great people, great tour and fun over all and we are really close in the band. Again great vibe and even though we are so different, we respect each other. I love those bands, no egos, all pros. I can't say that for all the bands I was in!!


RRM: What cannot miss when you're on tour? The five things you could never leave at home.

Clothes!!! Right now my little dog "Napoleon". He's the new band member. I'm kind of a germ freak, so a lot of hand sanitizer. Also some books, wine and vitamins!!!!!


RRM: What are you hobbies besides music?

I love history so visiting sites, museum, reading about it; also walking with my dog, tennis, wine, cigars, traveling and learning from other cultures.


RRM:  When did you start playing guitar? Why?

I really started to play when I was 14, before that I was more into drums. We had a band and the 2 guitar players where a bit older and couldn't play for shit. It got really old really fast and I was so frustrated that I said: man I can play that! And I never stopped since than !!!!! I just love it.


10. When was the last time you visit Italy?

Actually not too long ago, but just a few days on vacation. Can't wait to play there in 2014. And maybe spend a bit more time there, specially Toscana. Great food and wine!!!! 


RRM: Thanks again for your time. Is there something you wanna tell to your Italian fans? 

Thanks for having me. Support live music, buy cd’s and don't steal them online!!!!! ‘Cause the less the bands get the less new music will come out. We have a great metal community so keep it that way and support all type of rock and metal. One of the only style that has still real musicians!!!! Thanks you all for your support and hope to see you soon !!!!