Review Ron Phillips BLACK ANGELS "Changes – The last Decades"


"Changes – The last Decades"

Karthago Records



The legendary Black Angels are back after 24 years and their essence has not been corrupted by time since 1979. The swiss band is formed by singer and front man Ron Phillips (Boyscout), guitarist Rudi Martin, bass player Michael Enders and drummer Mark “the shark”. Those who love the band and its “Kickdown” album won’t be disappointed by the new record “Changes-The last decades”.


This record is the living proof of a pure and thrilling instant of creativity, this will be so evident when you will listen to the very first track of the album: “Shine on”; the song perfectly embodies Black Angels’ strenght and attitude. This track rushes out thanks to Ron Phillips expressive, powerful voice and to electrifying riffs. They spoil and conquer us with their hard rock and with songs like "Walking Away", "Changes", "The Evil", "Right on down the Road", the slow and thoughtful “Talking to Angels” and the delicate ballad "Changes II" wich charms the listeners and attracts their attention. The sound of the band is modern but yet, somehow, classic thanks to a strong rhythm section and to a thrilling performance. This album will fit perfectly in every rocker’s discography; everyone will be able to enjoy the band’s amazing comeback on the scene. I listened to "Changes – The last Decades" over and over again and I really think it’s brilliant. You should buy it immediately! Check out the band’s on the


Review by AngelDevil Rock