Review ( English Version) MARK TREMONTI - All I Was


All I Was

FRET12 Records / Family Affair

Release Date:17 July 2012 (USA) – 10 September 2012 (Europe)



First solo album for that skillful and talented as mr. Mark Tremonti is *. ALL I WAS is Mark Tremonti himself, it’s his natural art expression but not an ego enhancement, it's a whole of brand new songs, twelve tracks, rich of charisma and style, supported by the fact that these are the right moments. If we just say that Tremonti is a good player it sounds as something poor and common, the used word is not a proper one. Tremonti is the number one, he is into the best world guitar players category and if you think to know him just because you own the whole AB and Creed discography, you are not completely right.


Mark offers us an extra opportunity, singing his songs and revealing in a very natural way his inclination to us, without any additives. Tracks do not include so that much of the above mentioned bands, maybe the heaviest parts can remind something to us, but, apart from that, it is a rock & hard & heavy festival of guitars, with a light thrash shade, suitable for everybody, with some smell of Metallica in the air, just in case you want to find an influence, perfectly organised and without any will to throw down the guantlet. Since the beginning, with the powerful " Leave It Alone", it is for sure that aggressive is the right term to give credit where credit is due, even more precious thanks to the songwriting, compact and kept united by the full bodied and burning voice (well highlight into the whole american "New Year Out" and in "Proof" songs) and strongly influenced by the love for the heavy metal sound, as "So You're Afraid", "Wish You Well" and "Giving Up" disclose.


The amazing slow power and metal "The Things I've Seen" come first than " You Waste Your Time", the radio track that reached the 10th position on the iTunes rock singles chart in a very few days; then, other more or less uncomplicated and never expectable songs go by, one by one, reaching the last total american metal one as "Decay" is. That’s it. Now we let the music talk, the Tremonti music.


Some people will criticize him, others will say that his voice doesn't reach the Myles Kennedy tone, or that his lucky star shines something as a reflected light, others will love him for sure, but this is the show business and this is the same old story. ALL I WAS worths its weight in gold and it’s a great job that we strongly recommend to you all. It is the tale of a new trip around his world and this fantastic deed shows that Tremonti, the titan, chosed the right way, not the easiest but the best for sure.


Line-up: Mark Tremonti_voice and solo guitar; Eric Friedman_rythm guitar, bass and choirs; Garrett Whitlock_drums; Brian Marshall_bass (on tour).

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* Guitarist of the year for 36 months as per “Guitar World” marks; Creeds and Alter Bridge guitar player; fourth greatest heavy metal guitarist ever in “Total Guitar”.


Track List:


1.Leave It Alone

2.So You’re Afraid

3.Wish You Well


5.The Things I’ve Seen

6.You Waste Your Time

7.New Way Out

8.Giving Up


10.All I Was

11.Doesn’t Matter






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