DORO PESCH - Video Interview

a cura di Fabrizio Tasso e Daniela Patanè

When I had the opportunity to interview Doro Pesch I almost fell off my chair from joy! I’ve always considered Doro one of the most influential singers of the hard & heavy scene. Since her debut with the band Warlock, up to her wondrous solo career, the German Metal Queen always enchanted me with her beautiful voice and her blasting songs. I view of the upcoming release of her new album called “Raise Your Fist”(Release date: Oct 19, 2012), we recorded this wonderful interview, where Doro showed all her energy and enthusiasm.

A million thanx to Doro for her kindness and her availabilty: ladies and gentlemen, Doro Pesch!



RECENSIONE - DORO "Raise Your Fist"- Nuclear Blast

Realease date: 19-10-12