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Back from the Dead

New Ocean Media

Release date: 26 novembre 2012


When Steven Adler, Guns n' Roses former drummer, forms a new band, you guess the result will be amazing. Also, if the musicians that he gathers around himself in that project are Jacob Bunton, frontman of the unfortunately not well known band Lynam, guitarist Lonny Paul, Steven's colleague in the now disbanded Adler's Appetite and Jeff Pilson from Dokken on the bass, the album can only be well-made. Last but not least, there are Slash and John 5 as special guests and the result is "Back from The Dead", the debut Adler album that will be released on November 26th .


The album got as opening song the title-track "Back from the Dead ", whose initial riff takes over a country sound that suddenly turns in an energetic chorus that perfectly fits with the rebirth message of the entire album. Steven Adler's past, as well as we know by reading his autobiography "My Appetite for Destruction", it was not certain one of the most full of serenity, but with this new band, Steven wants clench his own life and look to the future, exorcizing his demons. "Own worst enemy" and "Another Version of the truth" further demonstrate his almost French feeling of revanche policy. "The one that you hated" was the first single taken from the album and this song is a promise of a fantastic album, which later confirmed. But let's take a look to the tracks with guest stars: impossible not to recognize the touch of John 5 (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie) on "Good to be bad, the second "Back from the dead" single: the electro-horror sound of Five is unmistakable and makes the song heavy but, at the same time, very catchy.


If this five songs wowed you, wait until you get to "Just Don't Ask", the song featured with Slash as guest. The intro, very reminiscent of "Anastasia" of Apocalyptic "Love", the latest work of Slash. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, open maybe the most beautiful ballad of the album. Blown Away literally blow off you the melancholy of “Just don't ask” with a dynamic and fast-paced riffs to lead us to another beautiful ballad song: Waterfall, composed by Lonny Paul, about which he said: "Waterfall is actually a song I wrote a few years back. I guess I was just feeling sorry for myself at all of my failings and just getting nowhere in life. Once I started writing, it just kind of poured out". In the end, we come to the triptych "Habit", "Your Diamond" and "Dead Wrong" that ends at best "Back from the Dead ".The band has plans to start a world tour, during which they will perform in Japan along with Duff McKagan's Loaded, former bass player of Guns n' Roses. In place of Jeff Pilson on the bass, on the road we will find Johnny Martin (The Chelsea Smiles, L.A. Guns), now an official member of Adler. Martin was able to demonstrate its skills as a musician, not only in those bands where he played in the past but also live, playing with the Adler’s project during the shows that the band has recently held. Actually, an album not to be missed and to bring with yourself in the famous lost and wasted island.


Amelia Tomasicchio




01. Back From The Dead 

02. Own Worst Enemy

03. Another Version Of The Truth 

04. The One That You Hated (il primo singolo)

05. Good To Be Bad (featuring John 5)

06. Just Don't Ask (featuring Slash)

07. Blown Away 

08. Waterfall 

09. Habit

10. Your Diamonds 

11. Dead Wrong 



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