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One of the most powerful rock album of 2012 is undoubtedly “Back From The Dead” from ADLER, the newest band featuring the original Guns n’ Roses drummer Steven Adler, singer Jacob Bunton (LYNAM, MARS ELECTRIC), guitarist Lonny Paul (ex ADLER’S APPETITE), and bassist Johnny Martin (The Chelsea Smiles).


I have had the huge honor to speak with Steven Adler and Lonny Paul about the new album and other stuff, in this special interview for Rock Rebel Magazine.


RRM: The One That You hated was your first single. We know the idea and the creative process that led to its composition. What we don’t know is who realized the artwork? What does it mean?

Lonny: That was me. I’ve started with the idea… you know, the mask has no emotion so basically I’ve tried to express his emotions with the bloody tear. Sometimes we put on a mask to hide our emotions but what we really feel inside is the pain, that’s why the bloody tear.


RRM: How did start your collaboration with Kiss? You’ve just played with them on the Kruise…

Lonny: It was a blast. We had a great time. The Kiss fans are great. We couldn’t ask better. Our singer Jacob told us about the kruise, that Kiss would do another kruise and so our manager reached out their manager and that’s how it simply set it out.


RRM: Can you tell us some anecdotes about this experience on the kruise?

Steven: It was so amazing! The Kiss Kruise was the best way that I couldn’t even imagine to start the second chapter of my life. You can go on Youtube and check out Adler on the Kiss Kruise’s tune.


Lonny: In addition to play in three shows, Kiss did a contest that we got to judge. I think that was my highlight because we sit on chairs and these people came on the stage, dressed as Kiss but they were not Kiss. It was a lot of fun watching these people with all the makeup and guitars.


RRM: As well as Slash, another special guest is John 5. How did this collaboration start?

Lonny: Jacob and I wrote the song and when the song has done, Steven called John 5 for the solo. He was perfect, so he came down and did exactly that.


RRM: I know you’ll shoot “Good to be bad” video with John 5; any idea for the script?

Lonny: We’re trying to get John 5 involved with that. But we’re still talking about what exactly we want to shoot. We’re undecided. We don’t really have a script right now.


RRM: Your first gig was in Cape Coral, how was the audience as you played new material?

Steven: Yes, that was our first, first gig together. And the next thing was going on the Kiss Kruise with my new band. It turned out great. Nobody knew the songs but after the show, when the people came to me, they said they expect Guns n’ Roses’ songs, but at the end of the show they had forgotten about GN’R’s songs. That was great, really, really great. We play two Guns n’ Roses’ songs, “Sweet Child o’ Mine” and “Mr. Brownstone”, but with all the respect of Guns n’ Roses - I feel blessed that I was a part of them and I love those songs and I know fans do - now it’s all about this new band. Like a new girlfriend. And I love now.



RRM: Adler's Appetite have now disbanded but can you tell us something about the recording of "Alive"? How different was writing the material for Alive and than Back from the dead?

Steven: They are different people (laugh). To make greatness, to make something special, you need the right mix of people. That was awesome and amazing in both cases, 'cause during the recording sessions with the AA and the other band, I lived incredible music experiences, which were very different and not comparable between them. Honestly, I couldn't describe differences so deep and visceral, I only know that both those experiences made me really happy. And oh god, my god, now I’ve Lonny and Jacob and Jeff Pilson and Johnny Martin into my life. They are different people and this is a different situation. Some people you could create good things with and some people you could create greatness with. And with this record I was able to work with people I can create greatness with.


RRM: Yeah, you did it! “Back from the dead” is the most beautiful record of 2012! I really love it.

Steven: Thanks honey, I’m so glad you like it! This is the dream of every musician. The reason I play music is not just for myself, is to make for people who like it and for you to say that you really like it is really an honor and you cannot understand how I appreciate it. That’s all we do. I play music for people. Thank you so much! This record comes together, you know… of course, the name of the band is Adler, but this one comes together for Lonny Paul. He really made everything happen. I’m just bless to be a part of his life and I can’t be happier that he’s a part of mine. Because of him Jacob came in, Jeff came in, Johnny came in and Jay Ruston came in… I’ve got such a great team right now and that’s all I’ve ever wanted. I’m a part of a team and it’s wonderful being a part of a team. I’ve got a winner team and this is really great. We’ve reached our goal and this is a great feeling. We’ve completely reached our goal because we needed everybody in the world to hear the record and everybody who isn’t a rock n’ roller we want to turn into a rock n’ roller!


RRM: And what’s your next goal?

Steven: The next big, big, big, big goal is to be inducted in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame again for this project. It was an honor to be inducted for Guns n’ Roses and now the goal is to be inducted in it for the next 25 years. That was my goal with GN’R, we put GN’R together ‘cause, like I said, I love being a part of a team and I wanted to be like Aerosmith, or the Rolling Stones. And we’ll play music for the rest of our life. This is my second opportunity and the goal is doing rock n’ roll for people and travel all around the world and universe!


RRM: Lonny, how did you join Adler’s Appetite and what is your favorite moment spent with them?

Lonny: The other guitar player, Michael Thomas, was a friend of mine and so he brought me in two weeks before the last summer tour that they did. I had two weeks to learn all the stuff and we went out for two months. In those two months, Steven and I became best friends. He decided he wanted to do something new and so he basically fired everybody but me and then we’ve started the band Adler. It was a great experience with Adler’s Appetite and I got to play all Guns n’ Roses’ songs in those two months. My highlight was to play with Skid Row. That was my favorite show with Adler’s Appetite.


RRM: I really hope you will come to Italy very soon. I read you will play in Japan with Duff’s Loaded and in L.A. on December 17th with Steel Panther…

Steven: Yes. Of course you want us in Italy! (laugh) I’ve been there since January 2009 in Rome with Adler’s Appetite. The Adler’s Appetite was a lot of fun and we played all Guns n’ Roses’ songs I created with. Now with this new band we’ll play new music and it’ll be excited.


RRM: What do you remember about the last time you came in Italy?

Steven: Well, for starting the most beautiful, beautiful, beautiful women. Also the greatest food and the most passionate rock fans.


RRM: What’s your favorite track of “Back from the Dead”? What was the most difficult song to write?

Lonny: Hard question because I love all the songs. Some of my favorites are “Good to be bad”, “Own Worst Enemy”, “Habit” and “Dead wrong” but I can go on! Honestly, all of the songs came out pretty naturally. All the album was easy to write because we all get a long and so no one of the songs was more difficult.


RRM: What was the original idea for “Habit?

Lonny: Well, you can see it’s about Steven’s story but basically everybody has had an addiction in their life. So this is the “Habit”, when you always want something more.


RRM: Do you want to say something to our readers and fans?

Lonny: Yes, of course. Just thank you for your support, for giving Steven a second chance and still believing in him. And please buy the new record! (laugh) Thanks for your time!


Steven: Some people tell me that the album is difficult to find in Italy and South America. So I want to say that you can find it on Amazon but also in record stores very soon. The quickest way to buy it now is Amazon or our official website Also my book, “ My Appetite for Destruction”, I believe is out in Italy now, in Italian, and you can find it on Amazon too. Thanks a lot!


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