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Mascot Records

Release date: January 21, 2013


Steve Lukather, after "All's Well that Ends Well", which closed with a concept that began with the previous "Ever Changing Times", leaves behind a period of difficulties in his personal life.


"All's Well that Ends Well" in fact, greatly influenced by the particular period of the legendary Californian guitarist, with excerpts from the texts very thoughtful, wondering about the future rather uncertain and nuances not well defined. With the new masterpiece, Luke seems to have found the turning point in his life, inner peace finally exit with arrogance, the peace of mind to accept this in the spirit of those who return to see the light through the eyes of a curious child. The title of the album, "Transition", already expresses itself in all this,a carefree period finally, finally the transition from a dark to a new life. 2012, in fact, was a very busy year and rewarding for Luke, who has spent most of his life as usual "on the road", among many sold out summer tour of Toto, and satisfaction to be part of the legendary G3 with old friends Joe Satriani and Steve Vai The fantastic vintage then saw our protagonist Luke in the Ringo Starr Band: was a dream come true for Steve, since it has always loved the music of the Beatles, a band of reference from the early times. And it is always "on the road" during these last long months of hard work between the stage and the writing process of the new album "Transition", a true slice of life of one of the greatest musicians of all time.


Yes, musician, because Luke does not only belong to the category of guitarists, but is considered to be a musician all around, since the last masterpiece is written, played, sang, produced, arranged by the same Steve. And as many great musicians had the genius to surround this project,basically old friends, with whom he shared concerts, emotions on stage around the world as Gregg Bissonette, Chad Smith, Leland Sklar,

Eric Valentine, Steve Weingart , John Pierce, Nathan East, Phil Collen.

The production was featured with his friend CJ Vanston, a true referencing point in recent years to Steve.



The album opens with "Judgement Day" with an intro close to the psychedelic sound from Pink Floyd. The warm voice of Steve takes our hand and bring us until you come to an explosive chorus and a guitar solo by chills. The second track is called "Creep motel", basically a piece blues-rock to Luke, the fusion of experience and Los Lobotomys No Substitutions with Larry Carlton: technique, taste, refinement of Luke in better shape than it was never been the star once again, the final accompanied by only one that could go on for hours and never get tired! We come then to slow: "Once again". The classic melodic rock-pop song that invites us to close our eyes, dreaming of a sunset in the background without end, the true serenity of which we spoke earlier. The fourth song is called "Right the wrong": guitars,electronics, choirs, to discover the new face of Steve. Great choirs that form the bridge to a single breathtaking! We then move on to the first of two instrumental tracks, "Transition", which the title track itself. Piece-influenced prog-fusion, where the guitars of Luke are interwoven with stunning keyboards of Steve Weingart, up to lead to an unexpected final chorus and a guitar lick to "Do not stop me now" and to "Fahrenheit". We then move on to "Last man standing", one of the best songs of the album, very radio-style: could easily be the next smash that passes frequencies in our everyday. The energetic power chords of Luke dominates a groove engaging percussion. The chorus is one of those choruses to sing loudly until you have strength! "Do I stand alone" is the song that perhaps best represents the new Steve's style,a new way to express himself with jaunty guitar, finding the taste of primordial sound. "Rest of the World" is another blues-rock track that winds through an engaging groove of school all Jeff Porcaro. The album closes with a cover instrumental, "Smile" song by Charlie Chaplin, where the genius of Luke, Steve Weingart and CJ Vanston come together in a deep memory of the mother of Luke, who loved this song.



"Transition" is one of the best albums of Steve, for the lyrics, the arrangements, ideas, and all the new life expressed in every corner, every guitar solo, every note of the new chapter in the story entitled " Steve Lukather. "

The album will be released in January 21, 2013 by the label Mascot Records.




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1. Judgement Day
2. Creep Motel
3. Once Again
4. Right The Wrong
5. Transition
6. Last Man Standing
7. Do I Stand Alone
8. Rest Of The World
9. Smile



Steve Lukather - vocals, guitars, production

C.J. Vanston - keyboards, production

Steve Weingart - keyboards

Renee Jones - bass

Eric Valentine - drums

Lee Sklar - bass

Nathan East - bass

John Pierce - bass

Tal Wilkenfeld - bass

Gregg Bissonette - drums

Chad Smith - drums

Tos Panos - drums

Phil Collen - bg vocals



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