Interview with HEAVEN’S BASEMENT

by  Margherita Simonetti

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In occasion of the release of FILTHY EMPIRE, the debut album by HEAVEN’S BASEMENT on February the 4th, 2013, we had the opportunity to interview them:

RRM: Hi there, first of all thank you for this interview. We just reviewed your new “FILTHY EMPIRE” CD on our Rock Rebel Magazine and we gave it a very high mark. Congratulations for that.


HB: That's great thanks a lot, we out our blood, sweat and tears into making that album so it's awesome to hear that people are enjoying listening to it.


RRM: All the songs are a good mix of hard rock and melody, how did you conceive them?


HB: We never really have any strict formulas or rules when we write, everyone pitches ideas for everyone parts so it always feels fresh. At the end of the day we love straight up Rock music and the most important thing is writing songs that we all get excited by!!


RRM: “Fire, Fire” is the first single from the new album. Why did you chose this song as the first one?


HB: For people that have never heard our music it feels like the perfect introduction! There's big riffs, driving rhythms and in the middle we all get to solo at the same time, it sums up what we're all about really!


RRM: Who are the bands or singers who influenced you most, and what are your main musical influences ?


HB: We all grew up listening to the great British bands of the 60's and 70's as well as American acts like Aerosmith and Guns 'n' Roses, but we also listen to modern things as well that range from Muse to Rammstein and everything in between. The older bands always put on such great live shows and I think that's something we all look up to.


RRM: How much do the fans have influence on what you do as band?


HB: Well this is our debut album but we've been a band since 2008 so most of our musical career has been spent playing live shows in front of people. We're lucky enough to have a dedicated fan base that has stuck with us through various line up changes and we definitely wouldn't have been able to get to this point without their support.


RRM: Passion and music: how easy or difficult is for you to make a living from music?


HB: I guess it's pretty difficult to have steady income but we're young guys that are getting to do what we love everyday so the financial side of things always takes a backseat for us, it's not like we've got houses and kids to worry about!


RRM: In the past 2012 you supported Halestorm band first, then Seether band on stage in Italy, how was your experience in our country?


HB: The shows we did in Italy on both tours we're epic but Milan with Halestorm was on a different level, the crowd we're absolutely mental and we loved every minute of it!


RRM: What are your plans in short and long terms?


HB: I think our short term plans are to tour as much possible and get our music out there for people to hear, we love playing live so it's gonna be such a fun year! long term I think we all wanna be able to grow various types of beards and record a timeless album as we think that was the secret formula for Zeppelin four and Sgt Peppers!


RRM: The last question is: who would you chose as your favourite band for a fantastic live show together ?


HB: I think it would be a great experience to tour with Rage Against The Machine, they're such a consistent live band that always play with such passion, we'd learn so much from a tour like that


RRM: We thank you very much for the time you dedicated to us, it was an honour for us. We wait for you on stage in Italy once again. Would you like to say hello to Rock Rebel Magazine readers?


HB: Hello everyone! You can check out two songs from the album on Youtube now (Fire, Fire and Nothing Left To Lose) if you like what you hear come to a live show next time we're in Italy and see what we're really all about!



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