Review HEAVEN’S BASEMENT - Filthy Empire


Filthy Empire

Red Bull Records / EMI

Relase date: 4th February 2013 (Europe)


Debut album for HEAVEN’S BASEMENT British rockers, who, after giving their support to the most important rock bands and after two excellent previous EPs, as “Heaven’s Basement” (2008) and “Unbreakable” (2011), they release FILTHY EMPIRE, full length of twelve tracks of music, strong, rocky and rough enough. Nothing to complain about this excellent work, nice and splits ass, which is blood and rhythm from beginning to end.


The opener track, “Welcome Home”, is a hard rock of excellence with a nice beat on the drums to dictate the tempo changes, as it is the first single, “Fire, Fire” followed by “Nothing Left To Lose”, simple but effective song and the slowest “Lights Out In London” with just a guitar on top and so on, in a swing supported on the rocks and that with "I Am Electric" so persuaded. In short, we have some great hard rock with guitar riffs and kept dripping with '80s and '90s that are mixed with a more modern sound or topical, if you prefer, and cohesive thanks to Aaron Buchanan’s voice, not too light and not too heavy, able to bestow strong emotions. Do not miss the ballad, "Be Somebody" and especially "The Price We Pay" and his piano to close the circle of being 360 degrees real rock addicted.


Well, these guys have all the talent needed to break through and enter the rock world with a clear conscience without any hesitation and sincerely we hope, because they ensure that they are in the category of new advances and frankly speaking there is always need, now more than ever. Rock on.


Margherita Simonetti



Aaron Buchanan_voice

Sid Glover_guitar and chorus

Rob 'Bones' Ellershaw_bass and chorus

Chris Rivers_drums



1. Welcome Home

2. Fire, Fire

3. Nothing Left To Lose

4. Lights Out In London

5. I Am Electric

6. The Long Goodbye

7. Heartbreaking Son Of A Bitch

8. Be Somebody

9. Can't Let Go

10. The Price We Pay

11. Jump Back

12. Executioner's Day



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