Review PAPERBACK FREUD - Hard Rock City



Hard Rock City

Longfellow Deeds Records

Release Date: January 2013



Years pass by and new music trends rise, grow up and take their own place in the music business but classic rock is still one of the most important genre. The Swedish band Paperback Freud makes a tribute to the rock scene with their third release Hard Rock City that comes after their first two works, Roller and All in a Day's Work.


It's an amazing experience listening to the exciting and unleashed sound of this '70/'80s oriented hard rock band which recalls to your mind ZZ Top. 11 very involving tracks, with the opening one (the title-track) that get you suddenly familiar with the strong personality of Jake, the singer and the powerful, shattering sound of the two axes of Rocki and Savoy. Another proof of what I'm saying is the single Shakin' and the concerning video-clip, a real nice work. Even among such quaking tunes you can find more quiet and melodic item, like the mid-tempo Soul Eater: a well fit song to take a breath for a while, 'cause you have to start up again with The Boy is bleeding out, a fast and groovy track. 'Writings on the Wall' get a very stylish and catchy chorus, with awesome and vintage back-up vocals which we can find out in the next track too, 'This ain't no Discotheque', a track made up very interesting by the several Kiss influences.


'To drunk (to tell)' makes stronger than ever this release: the country-style guitar solo of that track is very involving, as the melodies of 'The Street' as well. Just relax one more time: that's the moment of the ballad 'The Wild Ones' but is only a momentary break, 'cause 'Bully Killer' with is spellbound riff, very close to Kiss Lick it up main theme, with its quick and simple plot leads us to the grand finale. The adrenalized 'Rock and Roll Star' ends up this work: nothing but that track could better works out the real nature of the Swedish five-piece.


A real gem for the die-hard fans of traditional rock, made more precious by a special gift: a LP limited edition with a bonus track: 'Song for the Wicked'.


Francesco Cacciatore




 1.Hard Rock City


3.Soul Eater

4.The Boy Is Bleeding Out

5.Writings On The Wall

6.This Ain't No Discotheque

7.To Drunk (To Tell)

8.The Street

9.The Wild Ones

10.Bully Killer

11.Rock And Roll Star




Jake – Vocals

Rocki – Guitar

Savoy – Guitar

Yeti – Bass

Mike – Drums