RAGE OF ANGELS Interview with Ged Rylands

by Luca MonsterLord

Photo by Tanya Dandridge
Photo by Tanya Dandridge

RRM: Hi Ged! We are very proud to interview you after the release of the new album called “Dreamworld” with Rage of Angels. Let's see some details of your album. Why did you choose this powerful monicker for your project?


Ged : Well it was actually an Idea an Idea from Bruce Mee. He had written a set of lyrics called Rage Of Angels and we all loved the name so we asked him if he minded if we used it. thankfully he was delighted to let us use it. Actually we gave him no choice.


RRM : You have had a stop for about 10 years in order to grow up your daughter Yasmine : during this period, you have written the stuff for “DreamWorld”. How this time does help you in the writing process?

Ged: I wrote most of the album in the last couple of years but it did take a while to get my confidence more than anything. When I left ten I did the Contagious thing but I really needed to just walk away which is what I did. I sold all of my keyboards and really fell out of love with music. When I started on this journey It was liking falling in love again..but just with music, but it feels really nice to be back.


RRM : In every track plays a big musician and some of them featured with you in the past. How have you chosen everyone of them for each song?


Ged: I wrote everyones name down on a piece of paper and put them in a hat..No Im joking of was a bowl...No Im still joking. I think the songs found the musician really by a natural process. I think the pairings on the album with the singers especially have worked a treat.- Where else would you get some of the best names in rock song after song ?


Photo by Tanya Dandridge
Photo by Tanya Dandridge

RRM : People say this is one of the best records of this year, even if it’s only February. What do you think about this opinion and who, in your opinion, can make something better than your Rage of Angels DeamWorld?


Ged: Well it is very satisfying to hear people saying that. I felt it was the best album I could make at the time and Im delighted that others think so. I personally am looking forward to the W.E.T album and also the Diesel album from Robert Hart and Jim Kirkpatrick from FM later this year..thats gonna be superb ! And the second Rage Of Angels album of course!


RRM: In DreamWorld I’ve listened some details that remind me to Ten’s “The Name of The Rose”: the keyboards tracks, some power guitar riff and some parts of drum-work. Is it only an impression of mine or is it true?


Ged: It wasnt deliberate...I think that it was only natural that some of it would sound like classic Ten, as I was part of the first five albums. So I guess its a natural comparison, its a comparison I find flattering so I have no problem with that.


RRM : The artists in your record are from Bad Company, Tyketto, Ten, Harem Scarem and so on. Do you think could it be possible to work out some shows for a short European Tour?

Ged: Yes..I've already spoken to promoters and we are trying to put a tour together for later this year. I already have a confirmed live line up of some of the best musicians around, most of them are very well know too. When we get out there we are gonna rock some venues in Europe !! Watch this space.


RRM: Let's play a game: if I give you a wand with 3 charges for 3 incantations, what would you want to do?

Ged: OOOHH Tough one ! Health, happiness and love for my family and freinds.


RRM : Every musician has a dream: play with some other big musicians in a big live-act! Please, chose the member of your big All Stars band and which song you would play.


Ged: I think I actually managed that one with the Dreamworld album. I managed to get to work with some of my favourite all time musicians for Rage Of Angels. I am going to have to pull out all the stops to top this one, but we will.


RRM : Which are the most sensible changes you have seen in music, from your beginning with Ten ‘till now? How technology does help musicians?


Ged: Its all changed. Everything from the studios through to the record labels. We used to spend a fortune making Ten records back in the day. We would record in studios that cost a million dollars. These days I have better and more powerful recording equipment at my home studio than we did then. You dont have to worry about rushing things due to the cost of a studio and I think that comes across with better albums these days by more bands...album budgets are a tenth of what they used to be.


RRM: After 10 years, you have started again with Rage of Angels: in other 10 years, where you would to be arrived?

Ged: Hopefully talking about the forthcoming tenth Rage Of Angels album. I've started to record the second album and hopefully there will be at least a third and maybe a live album too so this isnt just a one-off. This is a band thats here to stay.


RRM: RockRebelMagazine thanks you for this interview. Would you leave a message for our readers.

Ged: I hope you all enjoy the album and looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on tour later this year. Stay safe, well and happy!




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