Review PLAYER - "Too Many Reasons"


Too Many Reasons

Frontiers Records

Release Date : February 22, 2013


The long-awaited full length by Player has been finally released on February 22nd and it will definitely satisfy the most demanding melodic rock connoisseurs. This release was preceded last year by an EP featuring 3 songs, that preannounced the album’s finest quality. Of the original band, which in 1978 placed the hit single "Baby Come Back" (included in the new album in a revisited and “updated” version) at number one of the American Billboard Chart, we find singer and songwriter Peter Beckett and bassist Ronn Moss. Unfortunately here in Italy this band is mostly known just thanks to Ronn Moss, who for the uninitiated is Ridge Forrester of the soap opera "Beautiful". But let's talk about music, as it’s our main concern.


The opening track "Man On Fire" immediately reveals the band’s immense talent: overwhelming melody with most impressive guitar riffs and choruses. The following “Precious" and the first single "I Will", also show remarkably inspired melodic lines. Especially the latter , with its electro-acoustic blend, is a true gem. The rest of the album always maintains highest quality levels, alternating beautiful ballads to songs clearly inspired by West Coast Aor, which sometimes recall Toto or Michael Bolton’s pop repertoire (as in "The Words You Say "). The climax is reached with "My Addiction", that reveals Shaw Blades’ echoes, and the title track, a passionately melancholic power ballad . "Life In Color" is also definitely worth mentioning, with its irresistible refrain and so are the dream-like "Kites" and "Nothin' Like You", which strongly reminds Bon Jovi’s latest releases. The result is a perfectly balanced full-length album, inspired, sufficiently melodic, with modern sounds that will surely enthusiasm the band’s fans and all lovers of Adult Oriented Rock . Thanks Frontiers, you've hit the mark again!



Review by Fabrizio Tasso






1. Man On Fire

2. Precious

3. I Will

4. Tell Me

5. The Sins Of Yesterday

6. My Addiction

7. Too Many Reasons

8. To The Extreme

9. The Words You Say

10. Life In Color

11. A Part Of Me

12. Kites

13. Nothin' Like You

14. Baby Come Back


Line Up:


Peter Beckett – Voce / Chitarra

Ronn Moss- Basso

Rob Math – Chitarra

Craig Pilo – Batteria

Johnny English – Tastiere