PLAYER - Interview with RONN MOSS

By AngelDevil Rock

RRM: Hi Ronn, first of all congratulation for "Too Many Reasons", that’s an good record! The songs invite to discover the past & present melodic rock. Its first new album in nearly 20 years with "Too Many Reasons" due out in North America on February 26th. How did that album come out and what about the idea you got?


RONN: When Peter Beckett and I met the guys from Frontiers in Italy, they asked us about producing another Player CD. We liked the idea of doing some new music and the possibility of get our “kick ass” band out there playing live. This new Player is probably the best band we’ve had since the original lineup.


RRM: I’d like to ask you about a couple of the songs, sort of the inspiration and what they’re about. Let’s start with  the beautiful "The Sins Of Yesterday". What’s the story behind?


RONN: It’s basically about the sins we’ve all had in our lives and that one must transcend them. We eventually should forgive ourselves and others for whatever has happened.


RRM: How about another great song "Life In Color"...


RONN: What would life be like if it was NOT in color? Whether you see things in Black & White, or Color…. You must appreciate it, because it goes by far too fast.


RRM: Do you plan on making a video for any of the songs?


RONN:We did. We just released “I Will” as the first music film off this CD.

( ) click on Player, I Will, Official video



RRM: After 25 years you have decided to quit the Beautiful's cast, where you play the role of Ridge Forrester; is the passion for music the reason why you have taken that choice, in order to develop Player, your project or are there even other reasons to change so radically your career?


RONN: After 25 dedicated years, and having “Beautiful” for breakfast, lunch, & dinner… I felt it was time to move on to other meals. Maybe even a dessert of some kind. I now have the time to pursue the music, film directing, film writing, film producing that I’ve been quietly preparing myself for, for many many years.


RRM: If you were to able to talk to the Ronn Moss of 30 years ago, knowing what you know now, what advice would you give him?


RONN:  “Don’t wait so fucking long to do the movies and music you’ve always wanted to do!”


RRM: When you look into a crowd, what type of feeling do you get, and does that feeling come out in your takes for that new record?


RONN: When I look into a crowd, I notice their faces. And if that crowd happens to be looking back at me, hopefully it’s because they’re about to listen to us playing live on stage. If that’s not why they are there…. Then I might consider running the other way.


RRM:What was the first gig that you decided to do? Wow! I want to do that too!!


RONN: Seeing the Beatles for the first time.


RRM: What’s the most important thing for you in your life? A thing you won’t ever give over?


RONN:  My soul, my wife, my kids. Not necessarily in that order.


RRM: Any plan to come to Italy for a concert? I hope soon

RON:  I hope so too. Working on that now.


RRM: Thank you so much Ronn. We're done with this interview... let's close it with a message... what would you wanna say to all the people that will read this interview?


RONN: First, I must hope that you can read, otherwise this will waste valuable font space. Second, I also hope you give Player’s new collection of songs a listen and maybe even like it. If you do like it, you can come over to our house for dinner some night




The long-awaited full length by Player has been finally released on February 22nd and it will definitely satisfy the most demanding melodic rock connoisseurs. This release was preceded last year by an EP featuring 3 songs, that preannounced the album’s finest quality. Of the original band, which in 1978 placed the hit single "Baby Come Back" (included in the new album in... [READ MORE]