Review W.E.T. - Rise Up ( english version)


Rise Up

Frontiers Records

Release Date: february 22, 2013


Better not beat around the bush! This album is yet another masterpiece by WET!

When their first self-titled cd was released in 2009, it received plenty of enthusiastic reviews. Both experts and fans found themselves in agreement on the fact that this record represented the perfect blend of melody and power. The excitement about their new work has been growing steadily ever since and finally we can now enjoy 12 fantastic new songs.


Jeff Scott Soto, Eric Martensson, Robert Sall, assisted by Magnuss Henriksson (guitar) and Robban Back (drums) from the band Eclipse, with this "Rise Up" fear no rivals, condensing emotions and class in less than 50 minutes, like no other band has been able to do in the last four years. The amazing sound of the first album is still there as a basis, but it’s remarkably strengthened thanks to Eric’s relentless guitar riffs, one more appealing than the previous. Jeff in turn is the author of an outstanding performance behind the microphone. The combined talent of the three musicians creates musical textures and melodic choruses of incredible artistry. This album contains 12 potential hit singles, some truly powerful, fist-in the-air anthems and two beautiful rock ballads ("Love Heals" and "Still Believe In Us"). No particular song can be actually mentioned as all tracks impress with their great intensity.

Buy it, ask it as a gift, steal it! but make sure you have a copy of this incomparable work.

W.E.T., thanks to this latest effort are the undisputed heroes of melodic hard rock, far beyond Journey! the wiser will understand….



Review by Fabrizio Tasso




1. Walk Away

2. Learn To Live Again

3. Rise Up

4. Love Heals

5. What You Want

6. The Moment

7. Bad Boy

8. On The Run

9. Broken Wings

10. Shot

11. Still Believe In Us

12. Still Unbroken


Line Up


Jeff Scott Soto – lead vocals

Eric Martensson – guitar/bass/vocals

Robert Sall – keyboards


Special Guest:

Magnuss Henriksson – guitar

Robban Back – drums