Review SIDEBURN - IV Monument


IV Monument

Transubstans Records

Release date: October, 2012



Stoner blended with 70s hard rock and a touch of melody, it’s the sound proposed by Swedish metal band Sideburn, that makes of this mix-up, their own mark. “IV Monument” it’s the fourth album of this band composed by Morgan Zocek (guitar and voice), Jani Kataja (guitar, voice and bass), Martin Karlsson (bass, organ, backing vocals), and Fredrik Haake (drums). Stoner genre has got a particular “pathos” deep inside, something “experienced” that pop out from songs and take you back in the past. In this case it’s merged with old school style and strongly influenced by 70s hard rock, and it will reminds you Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and RJ Dio.


Solid, heavy and firm style, album’s track list is fluent and final. “Diamonds”, “Fire and water”, “Tomorrow’s Dream”, “Crossing The Line” to “Bring Down The Rain” and “Monument”, all album’s songs are extremely technically cared, guitar riff and solos are stunning and rich, so is rhythmical part with great performance of drums and bass. Morgan Zocek vocal performance, complete the work, melodic in slow and secure in faster parts, and well finished by backing vocals. This band’s novelty is that their sound sometimes crosses over with prog and blues, and improves album’s quality, and moreover, makes it a pleasant listening.


“IV Monument” is an interesting, biting and real seventies full length, thanks to clean sounds and first-class technique. Who’s looking for a back to the past, Sideburn is definitely the perfect band.


Review by Monica Manghi




01. Diamonds (6:04)

02. Fire And Water (6:08)

03. Tomorrows Dream (4:07)

04. Crossing The Lines (6:25)

05. The Last Day (7:05)

06. Silverwing (7:26)

07. The Saviour (6:51)

08. Bring Down The Rain (5:10)

09. Monument (7:43)


Line Up:

Morgan Zocek - Voce / Chitarra

Jani Kataja - Voce / Chitarra / Basso

Martin Karlsson- Basso / Tastiere / Cori

Fredrik Haake - Batteria