Interview with CHRIS WYSE from Owl and The Cult

Formed in 2009, OWL are about to release their second album, "The Right Thing", on April 9th via Overit Records. On the occasion of album releasing, Rock Rebel Magazine had the wonderful opportunity to interview Chris Wyse, bassist and lead singer of the band, famous for being the bassist of the English band The Cult and for playing with Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Jerry Cantrell and many more!


Interview by Amelia Tomasicchio


RRM: “Rover” has been inspired by your travels in Ireland. Do you feel very closed to your Irish roots?

Chris: I do indeed feel very close to my Irish roots. It is a big part of who I am even though I am also American.


RRM: How it was recording “Some Kind of Monster” with Metallica?


Chris: It was amazing to audition for Metallica and a great honor!!! Bob Rock was the reason why I auditioned which gave me great confidence and had fun playing.


RRM: What are your hobbies besides the music?


Chris: I like to hike and do yoga. I also like to try new places to eat and travel.


RRM: As you like eating and travelling, in which country have you found the best food?


Chris: Best food in the world: Italy!!!!!


RRM: Why did you decide to put Kinks’ “Destroyer” cover as the new album opener?


Chris: It was Dans idea. It just came out so good and sounded like an OWL song.


RRM: “The Right Thing” was recorded in Matt Sorum’s Drac Studio. Have you often met him during the recording sessions? What kind of guy is him?


Chris: Well we did our first album at Matts and "The Right Thing" partially done at Matts. I love Matt!! Matt and I did "Beyond Good and Evil" from The Cult. He is a great guy and I have always enjoyed his drumming. I also guest in his group Camp Freddy. He would come into the studio and I remember him rocking out to "The Right Thing". He encouraged me in the beginning with OWL to do a record. The new record was mostly done at Overit studios ( which is Dans Company and studio.


RRM: Among “The Right Thing” songs there is “Don’t Know What you got” that caught my attention. What’s the song about?

Chris: "Dont Know What You Got" is about getting lost in your dark side and finding out how to get back. I wrote it with producer/song-writer Marti Fredriksen (Aerosmith).


RRM: In May The Cult have released “Choice of Weapon” and you’ve finished the tour. Any plans for the future with them?


Chris: The Cult will be announcing something very soon for the summer!! I am committed to being in The Cult and will also do Owl.


RRM: You’ve played with a great variety of musicians. Are there some guests do you want to collaborate with, in the future? And why?


Chris: Dave Grohl, Jack White, Snoop. Dave- Drums, Jack-guitar, Snoop-rap, myself on upright bass...that would be really exciting to see and hear.

RRM: What are your next goals with Owl? And what are with The Cult?


Chris: Basically playing live right now and spreading the word about "The Right Thing". Hopefully open for some bigger bands. Cult in the summer.


RRM: For “The Right Thing” are you going to do a promotional tour? What countries would you like to visit?


Chris: We are doing release party type shows on the east and west coast of US. We want to play Italy!!!!!! Europe in general and South America.


RRM: Thanks for your time and for the interview.


Chris: Thank you. See you soon in Italy!




Owl are: Chris Wyse (bass/ voice), Dan Dinsmore (drums), Jason Mezilis (guitar/voice).