Review JONNY SMOKES - Embers & Ashes


Embers & Ashes

Singular Records

Release date: March 15, 2013




The “Seattle” effect had got its highest point during 90’s with band like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. It changed the at the time twenty-years-old youth music trend bringing the grunge style where nobody thought about it. A niche genre vs hard rock. Since that moment a particular easiest and open minded music genre influenced and fouled the whole rock scene worldwide, bringing lots of new proposals with it, including Jonny “One band man” Smokes. He’s a multi-instrument-player, a complete artist (he’s take care personally of all that concern his music, from songwriting to mixing and also CDs artworks). He finds his dimension starting from grunge and mixing it with hard rock, blues and other genres creating something that catches you deep inside.


“Embers & Ashes”, it’s the title of his last work, a concentration of everything Jonny’s able to do. Seven songs that hit you immediately and sometimes, as “All Green Lights”, reopen the missing, leaved by artists like Kurt Cobain or Layne Staley. Last year Jonny was in Italy at the tribute event evening to remember the Alice in Chain’s singer and it’s very deep in his music the influence of Jerry Cantrell’s band, in particular in songs like “All Green Lights” and “Diminishing”. Also, in all songs, you can breathe the “heavy” Seattle atmosphere. Jonny Smokes has a particular voice, that can catch your attention and, thanks to these seven songs, you can taste the clean and simple sound that sometimes is not so often to find nowadays, revising ideas that seem to be lost. The album will have for sure a great effect in lives, to see him playing all intruments. Great Job Jonny, Congratulation!



Review by Emiliano Vallarino



01. All Green Lights

02. Throw The Switch

03. Uprise

04. Digital

05. Diminishing

06. The Storm

07. Gone Too Soon