HEARTIST Video interview with Bryce Beckley

A new band on sight! They come from California and have grown up heavily influenced by the stream of ‘metalcore’….but they would be something more. A very talkative, enthusiastic and kind Bryce Beckley, the lead singer from Heartist, speaks with us about the dreams of a young band and the discussion goes on, passing through thought about people social relationships and end to the territory of….FPS, MMORPG and RPG….stay tuned, hard-core gamers!

Recorded some hours before they had had their show in Milan, at Magazzini Generali, (April 25, 2013) with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE



Nuova band in vista! Vengono dalla California e sono cresciuti fortemente influenzati dalla corrente ‘metalcore’… mirano ad essere qualcosa di più. Un Bryce Beckley, cantante degli Heartist, molto loquace, entusiasta e gentile, ci parla dei sogni di una giovane band e la discussione va avanti, passando per le riflessioni sui rapporti sociali tra le persone e terminando nei territori degli….FPS, MMORPG e RPG…….restate in ascolto, quindi, voi video-giocatori di lunga data!