WHITESNAKE – Interview with David Coverdale

Interview by Daniela Patanè


RRM: Hello David, thank you so much for answering our questions! The first one obviously concerns the new live DVD- Made in Japan. When the trailer came out we were really anxious about the full release and we started figuring out all the possible special contents and behind-the-scene material that we would find!


DC: Yes...we’re excited that the Bonus Features has 2 ‘fan’ edited videos from our friend ‘Purplesnake’ from Sao Paolo who researches the internet for ‘fan’ shot video & then assembles it to some of our songs...It is truly a labor of love for him & we love his work. He is very gifted. We also feature tracks from our soundchecks recorded in Japan without our knowledge, so, finding them was a treat for us, too!


RRM: Previous live releases by WS had a quite distinctive series of titles (Live In The Still Of The Night, Live In The Shadow Of The Blues, Live In The Heart Of The City), this one instead does not follow the same thread and it is also often associated with another very famous and iconic live album by Deep Purple. Why did you choose this title?


DC: I’ll leave foolish comparisons to’s called ‘Whitesnake Made In Japan’...nothing to do with my former band...It’s very simple...IT WAS ALL MADE IN JAPAN!!...Duh...


RRM: What about the other releases planned for this year? I read about an extended version of Into The Light and Starkers in Tokyo.


DC: No, those are more likely going to see the light in 2014...In June or July we’re releasing a double audio CD called ‘MADE IN BRITAIN’...because it was all recorded in Britain on the FOREVERMORE World Tour...

The second CD is called ‘The World Record’ & has tracks taken from...guess what?...All over the world..


RRM:You’ve been doing an extensive use of twitter in the last few months, actually I thought you weren’t so fond of social networks. What made you change your mind?


DC: I’m embracing new technology to record my songs...& it’s a wonderful way to interact with people who love Whitesnake & help spread the Gospel of the Snake...& I’m having fun doing it...Very much...or I wouldn’t do it...

A lot of journalists don’t bother doing their homework & I’m finding out they don’t ask the questions fans are most interested, now I can respond directly to people who actually enjoy my music.


RRM: You also posted some private stuff there, like for instance your wedding’s pictures. Aren’t you afraid of being too much exposed?


DC: No, I’ve been baring my heart & soul & other parts of me for decades if you’ve ever listened to my music.It’s very revealing.


RRM: is the main reference for WS fans on the internet. WSTV for instance is a fantastic project. Do you think you can bring it on also on tour, maybe featuring some backstage stuff?


DC: Yes...that’s the plan ‘Video Postcards From Abroad’. Hopefully, we can pull it off...It gets pretty busy on tour...


RRM: Many people relate special moments in their lives to your music. How does it feel to be the soul doctor for so many people around the world?


DC: Mmm...not so sure about that. I write songs & sing them...I have no claim or desire to be anyone’s ‘soul doctor’, but, my own. Anything else is up to the individual & GOD.


RRM: Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach have been working with you for ten years.To what extent did they contribute to the creation of the current WS identity?


DC: They totally help me in the growth of expand on it. They help me reach for the sky & they do an incredible job. I love working with people & as musicians.


RRM: What about “Discoverdale”? Was it something you were aware of and endorsed from the start, or was it a surprise also for you? When will it be available to the public?


DC: I was unaware of it at the beginning, then when they needed my participation & explained the scenario I laughed out loud & embraced it...It’s very, very funny & I wish them every success with it...It’s a super little movie & I’m delighted to be a part of it...It should be doing the rounds of smaller cinemas, as we speak.


RRM: We’re planning to attend a few dates around Europe. Sadly WS had no invitation from Italian promoters so far…how can we remediate?


DC: Find better promoters...


RRM: Thank you so much again for your time David, is there something you would like to say to the readers of Rock Rebel Magazine?


DC: Yes...My sincere gratitude for supporting Whitesnake for 35 fun filled, exciting years!!