Live Report JEFF SCOTT SOTO + Metrum + Thunderage @ Blue Rose Saloon, Bresso (MI), Italy- April 29th 2013(english version)

Report by Fabrizio Tasso


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One of the most important and authoritative showmen and songwriters of all times has finally returned to Italy, after a four years absence. Last time he played here was in 2009 promoting his previous album “Beautiful Mess”. That incredible tour was followed by the release of the famous live dvd “One Night In Madrid”, which perfectly framed the band's immense talent and enthisuasm on stage. Now we can finally relive those fantastic emotions.



Tonight's show features two opening acts. The first band is Thunderage, who offers a good hard rock often fading into classic metal. These guys show maturity and a good live presence, which the audience appreciates. Unfortunately bad acoustics affected their performance. The last two songs are particularly worth mentioning (especially “Sliding Doors”). Definitely an interesting band.


The second act on stage comes from Austria and is called Metrum. They're all very young and nice. Their music can be defined as an alternative rock with some progressive shades. Their setlist includes tracks from their first cd called “Broken”, released last year, and some new songs which will be included in their upcoming new album. “Perfect Remedy”, “Fail” and the final song “Ditch” are particularly impressive in terms of technical ability and energy. A very good performance which obtained the audience's appreciation.

Now we must only wait for JEFF SCOTT SOTO! The club in the meantime gets crowded and the temperature rises...literally! A quick preamble is necessary to introduce the band's performance. They arrived to Italy from Greece after nine hours by ferry boat and a twelve hours drive from southern Italy to Milan, getting to the club right 30 minutes before the time scheduled for the show! They obviously couldn't install the whole equipment and didn't do any soundcheck. Nonetheless the band delivered an amazing performance, with great intensity and dedication. Although they were visibly exhausted by the long journey, Jeff, Edu (drums), Jorge (guitar), B.J. (vocals and guitar) and Dave (bass) set the stage on fire, delivering a memorable performance, both in terms of technical ability and of emotional involvement.


Jeff's live set focused on his last album “Damage Control” (already reviewed by Rock Rebel Magazine), but also included his most famous songs (such as “Eyes Of Love” and “Soul Divine”), as well as a few songs by Talisman performed in a spectacular medley. There's also room for “One Love” by W.E.T. and for Steel Dragon, with two explosive versions of “Livin' The Life” and “Stand Up”. As they couldn't use keyboards due to the already mentioned delay, the band opted for a vigorous and inflaming show, displaying all their musical ability and incomparable energy. Each member of the band plays an important role in terms of entertainment and involvement of the audience. Edu's drum solo features several famous rock songs, the spectacular bass solo is performed on “Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson.


Jeff constantly involves his musicians in several gags and jokes and the icing on the cake is an a cappella version of “Community Property” by Steel Panther. As this show risked to be cancelled we feel truly blessed for being able to witness Jeff's extraordinary love towards music and his audience. A huge passion that made of Jeff Scott Soto one of the best frontmen in the world. Playing in front of ten or ten thousand people makes no difference to him, his commitment on stage always reaches the highest degree. Long Live Jeff Scott Soto! we hope to see him again soon in Italy, maybe with W.E.T.!



Set List:

1. Take U Down

2. 21st Century

3. Damage Control

4. One Love (W.E.T.)

5. Look Inside Your Heart

6. Soul Divine

7. Tears That I Cry

8. Broken Man

9. Afraid To Die

10. Eyes Of Love

11. Risk (Jorge Salán)

12. Talisman Medley (Break Your Chains/Day By Day/Give Me A Sign/Dangerous

Just Between Us/Mysterious/Frozen/Crazy)

13. I'll Be Waiting/Shot In The Dark (Ozzy)/I'll Be Waiting

14. Livin' The Life (Steel Dragon)

15. Edu Cominato Drum Solo Medley (Run To The Hills/We're Not Gonna Take it/

I Love It Loud/We Will Rock You)

16. Stand Up (Steel Dragon)

17. Community Property (Steel Panther) a cappella