Review BURNING RAIN - Epic Obsession (english version)


Epic Obsession

Frontiers Records

Release Date : May 17, 2013



This new BURNING RAIN album is like a bomb ready to explode right at its first track! It only takes a few seconds to realise it is a true masterpiece! 13 years have passed since their last album (“Pleasure To Burn”), but Doug Aldrich and Keith St.John returned with a true gem, which will satisfy both Whitesnake fans and classic hard rock lovers.


You can find pretty anything in these 13 tracks, a perfect mix of Whitesnake, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and House Of Lords (of the “Sahara” period), wailing guitars and monolithic riffs that can shake you from tip to toe , sweet arpeggios on delicate melodies and tons of pure adrenaline. All topped by the magical voice of Keith St.John, a very versatile and powerful vocal timbre, worthy of the best David Coverdale. Songs like “Sweet Little Baby Thing”, “Till You Die”, or the amazing “Ride The Monkey” are true fist –in- the-air anthems. “Too Hard To Break” is more blues oriented, while “When Can I Believe In Love” is strongly reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. “Our Time Is Gonna Come”, together with the wonderful ballads, is among the most beautiful songs ever written in this musical genre. “Heaven Gets Me By” (also performed in an entirely acoustical version) can easily be defined as the best song of the year: a perfect union between “Can't Find My Way Home” (by House Of Lords) and “Forevermore” by Whitesnake. A jewel!


Each track in  “Epic Obsession”  is a rare concentration of taste and feeling.

Such refinement in composition is especially due to the extraordinary talent of the guitarist and song writer Doug Aldrich. Many will notice marked similarities with Whitesnake in certain riffs or rhythms, but this is certainly not a negative factor. Doug’s touch is immediately recognizable in every context and this album shows to what extent he contributed to the musical rebirth of Whitesnake. “Epic Obsession” can easily become the best rock release of 2013, you must have it at all costs!



Review by 

Fabrizio Tasso




1. Sweet Little Baby Thing

2. The Cure

3. Till You Die

4. Heaven Gets Me By

5. Pray Out Loud

6. Our Time Is Gonna Come

7. Too Hard To Break

8. My Lust Your Fate

9. Made For Your Heart

10. Ride The Monkey

11. Out In The Cold Again

11. When Can I Believe In Love

12. Kashmir (Led Zeppelin Cover)

13. Heaven Gets Me By (Acoustic Version)


Line Up

Doug Aldrich – chitarra

Keith St. John – voce

Sean McNabb – basso

Matt Starr - batteria


Special Guest:

Brian Tichy – batteria

Jimmy D'Anda – batteria