Review THE WINERY DOGS - "The Winery Dogs"


The Winery Dogs

Loud & Proud Records

Release date: may 2013 in Japan - July 23, 2013 USA



We will not waste time writing about the qualities of these three astonishing musicians Richie KotzenBilly Sheehan and Mike Portnoy known worldwide, so let’s go to the core of The Winery Dogs a new band, formed recently, and able to release a debut album that sounds like a Boom! Tracklist songs have got an amazing potential deep inside them like a stick of dynamite ready to explode when you just push PLAY.


Blunt Hard rock with powerful rhythmic and challenging bass and guitars. “Elevate” is the opener song that totally blow up your mind, as also “Desire” (you can see the video here), “The Other Side” and “We Are One”.


These musicians can hit you with a bunch with the power of their composing arts on one side and, on the other, cradle you like soft and sweet ballads. Each member personality can find its dimension and space within the band without annoying the other. These guys are in shape and their energy merge perfectly with their technique in a natural way. Faster songs are the most involving for sure, but you maybe miss some technical feature, that are more clear in ballads like “I'm No Angel” (see the video here) “Regret” or “You Save Me”.


This album has the same value, as the spot didn’t saw by the Titanic. Try to listen to it, and you will agree that we are facing one of the Top albums of the year. Not even three talented genius in the same team are able to give their best, but in this case it seems that they buried in the recording studio with the aim to have fun and to create something catchy and pleasant. Well, Mission accomplished! See you in Italy in September!!



Rewiew by Andrea Lami



Richie Kotzen: lead vocals, guitars, keyboard & percussion

Billy Sheehan: bass & vocals

Mike Portnoy: drums, percussions & vocals



01. Elevate

02. Desire

03. We Are One

04. I'm No Angel

05. The Other Side

06. You Saved Me

07. Not Hopeless

08. One More Time

09. Damaged

10. Six Feet Deeper

11. Criminal (exclusive japanese bonus track)

12. The Dying

13. Regret