Interview with ZEBRAHEAD

In occasion of the release of CALL YOUR FRIENDS, the new album by ZEBRAHEAD on August 13th, 2013, we had the great opportunity to interview Matty Lewis, the lead singer and guitarist of the band .


Interview by Margherita Simonetti

RRM: Hi there, how are you ? First of all thank you for this interview. Our Rock Rebel Magazine readers will appreciate it a lot, and we, too.

Such a long time has passed since 1996 ... but here we are again with the new album release, [produced by Cameron Webb (Pennywise, Megadeth, Motorhead)], that we’ll review in the next days. So, congrats for that, guys.


ZH: Hello, this is MATTY and I am wonderful, thanks!! We appreciate you and your readers too!


RRM: What do you expect from CALL YOUR FRIENDS? And who are you targeting with this new release?


ZH: Hmm, we expect to basically have people listen to our record and actually call their friends and tell them how great it is…or how awful it is!...preferably how great it is! We’re basically targeting everyone. Our band, and this record is basically for everyone who wants to have a good time and party and forget about the bad things happening in the world around them for a while.


RRM: Some of you songs are used as the soundtrack of popular videogames, and that’s cool. Do you think there are any suitable for videogames in here, too?


ZH: Yes. I listen to the record as I play my video games. It’s also good listening when you’re drinking or running…or drinking while you’re running!


RRM: Is there some funny event happened during the recording of the album that you want or you can tell us?


ZH: Marc, our tour manager and friend, Dan and I decided to eat a lot of pizza and then do jumping jacks until one of us threw up. Dan and I didn’t, and Marc lost. He threw up a lot. It was funny.


RRM: You’ll be in Italy for the European Tour on October 25th / 26st, 2013. According to your previous experience, do you fell good playing in our country? We are sure that your girls fans appreciate a lot …


ZH: We LOVE Italy and playing in your country!! The crowds are amazing and nothing is more beautiful than the Italian girls!!


RRM: Japan loves you so much, Please tell us how was your experience and what will you expect from the tour and from new album over there?


ZH: Japan is like our second home. We love Japan so much, and they are fanatical about our music. It’s great. Every tour and show over there is amazing. The festival and the tour over there for this record should be crazy! I think the kids are going to be insane and I’m pretty sure that they’ll love it.


RRM: You had some experience with Lemmy Kilmster , he was into your “Anthem” video and you played “Enter Sandman” with him. So, how cool is it to play with such a monster talent as he is ?


ZH : True story, Lemmy sat on my couch and watched the movie, “The Goonies”. It was awesome. He is awesome and man, he sweats rock and roll. He IS rock and roll. There aren’t many people like him left in rock and roll either.


RRM: We thank you very much for the time you dedicated to us, it was an honor for us. We wait for you on stage in Italy once again. Would you like to say hello to Rock Rebel Magazine readers?


ZH: Thank YOU very much! I cannot wait to be back on tour and to come to Italy once again! Thank you and hello to all of you reading Rock Rebel Magazine!!! Zebrahead loves you!






Here they are again, from Orange County, the ZEBRAHEAD and their new album CALL YOUR FRIENDS, two years after "Get Nice!" and cheerfully ready to make some noise. That their sound is for the overseas market as well as for Japan is already known, so here we will not find the big news but the whole will be celebrated as a confirmation of a..[ READ MORE..]