Review ZEBRAHEAD - "Call Your Friends"


Call Your Friends

Rude Records

Release Date: 12 August 2013 (UK), August 13, 2013 (rest of Europe)



Here they are again, from Orange County, the ZEBRAHEAD and their new album CALL YOUR FRIENDS, two years after "Get Nice!" and cheerfully ready to make some noise. That their sound is for the overseas market as well as for Japan is already known, so here we will not find the big news but the whole will be celebrated as a confirmation of a certain harmony, perceptible in the way of being and making music that knows how to entertain everyone, their first and foremost. Another advantage is the use of two voices, a normal eye-catching - put it in this way - and the other sang rap, that makes the tracks young and catchy. Then the genre, ranging from a soft pop punk to punk rock , it is technically flawless, with guitar solos, always at the top and with a production of respect given to Cameron Webb (Pennywise, Megadeth, Motörhead).


The fourteen tracks of the disc will give off a summer typical of the Californian quintet. The pace loose, fast, suitable for the soundtrack of a TV series set in an American college as well as any party on the beach, is immediately powerful with "Sirens", a piece with party atmosphere, which continues with a couple of beers in a hot evening with some beautiful girl, as the video of "Call Your Friends" teaches (visible here). Into the last songs the power increases, it beats more, "Murder On The Aiwaves" is a strong punk rock rich of hard rock, with fast rap and a magnetism that lasts until the end, continuing with "Born To Lose" and its heavy rock guitars, going through the speedy "Nerd Love" and its great guitar riff, to the harsh "Panic On The Streets", to "Don’t Believe The Hype" to close with a "Last Call" with a very rock mash-up.


Well, here there is so much stuff, these are guys that have been singing together since 1996, they have sold over 2 million albums to date, survived to label changes, they got a Grammy nomination with Motörhead for best metal performance and that have been around the hole world. There is a reason to say it once again: "Party Time? ...... All The Time! "


Marge Simonetti




1. Sirens

2. I’m Just here For The Free Beer

3. With Friends Like These Who Needs Herpes

4. Call Your Friends

5. Murder On The Airwaves

6. Public Enemy Number One

7. Born To Lose

8. Stick Em Up Kids

9. Automatic

10. Nerd Amor

11. Panic On The Streets

12. Don’t Believe The Hype

13. Until The Sun Comes Up

14. Last Call



Ali Tabatabaee_vocals / rapper

Matty Lewis_vocals and guitar

Dan Palmer_guitar

Ben Osmundson_bass

And Udhus_drums



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