Interview with director FABIO JAFET

Interview by Amelia Tomasicchio

Currently busy with his career as a music director and not only, Fabio Jafet, artist of the film, has granted to Rock Rebel Magazine an interesting interview.The topics? Too many! The career of his son Eric Jafet, the social commitment with Little Kids Rock, his new life in L.A the future projects with Hotel Diablo band and much more. Read it on below, and see what Fabio want to tell us.



RRM: Good morning, Fabio. How are you?

I am doing great and thank you for taking the time to talk to me!


RRM:Thank you for allowing us this interview today. Tell us what’s new with you and what to expect?

Thankfully this is the busiest I have ever been. I just started a new production company called Drama Kills Creative with an incredible artist who has also been a good friend of mine for years. I can’t reveal ‘whom’ yet but it’s a game changer and for the first time in my career I have a creative partner that will push and inspire me to achieve new heights. When that is formally announced I promise you will all be intrigued. It's going to be a fun ride.

In addition, I have a couple of film/TV projects in the works in Hollywood in the Horror genre and if that isn’t enough my son Eric’s’ band, Freshman Hero is starting to make some noise and get attention. Also I'm directing a music video in Australia with an incredible band called Jatt. They are flying me to Australia. Crazy!



RRM: Even Eric’s career is taking a good direction. Recently he played with Dizzy Reed (Guns n’ Roses’ keyboardist), he is writing a new album with Alex Grossi and the list goes on, I guess.


Eric Jafet's for Gibson
Eric Jafet's for Gibson

I’m so happy for him that I can’t find the words to express it. The greatest joy in my life is seeing my kids succeed and smile. He has grown up around the industry and used to sit on my lap when I was editing music videos and to now shoot his music video is really insane to me. It’s crazy. My two other boys are football players and don’t play music at all.


RRM: Your video for the song "Psycho, California" by Hotel Diablo has reached more than 60,000 views on Youtube. Did you expect it?

I never do anything with the mindset of how many hits or how it will be received. Alex is one of my closest friends and to be able to their video was an honor for me and I am ecstatic it’s successful.


RRM: Do you have new projects with Hotel Diablo for the future?

One of the projects I am developing is actually based around the concept of Hotel Diablo. It is a weekly horror freak show and self contained episodic that is structured around the Twilight Zone concept which means each episode can stand on its own. The ‘Hotel Diablo’ is actually a gateway to hell and if you find yourself staying there as a guest it means you were chosen to be trapped in this psychological horror fest! The band loved the concept and will do soundtrack and we have some other surprises planned. I am beyond excited about this one. I get to combine my two worlds…music and film/TV.


RRM: In 2005 you made the documentary "Waking Up Dead" Will you ever make another movie about the music business or rock stars?

Waking Up Dead was very taxing and till this day I am uncomfortable discussing the film. Having said that, I just started production on a film called ‘3minutes30seconds’ which is about how drastic the music business has changed over the years and how life as a musician boils down to that 3:30 on the radio. You spend your whole life working towards that big break and it all comes down to that three minutes and a half. In that time span, your career is decided and judged. You either have a hit or you’re dropped form the label. It’s my first documentary I have done since Assignment Afghanistan. I vowed to never do another one but the names attached and subject matter was too big to pass up.


RRM: In addition to being a very busy director, you are also devoted to social causes and charities. You’re part of Little Kids Rock Charity. What are the objectives of the association? When and why did you decide to join it?

I was taking a meeting with Producer Cindy Cowan in LA about some film ideas and she brought up this amazing charity that she is deeply involved in and the conversation shifted from movies to Little Kids Rock. I never really thought about giving back before until she started describing what they were about. I realize that everyone needs help, my son is fortunate to have a dad in the music business to guide, assist him and some kids can’t even afford drum sticks, let alone guitars. That isn’t fair, every kid deserves to dream and to have a chance at success.


Being a musician is not cheap and getting instruments and support to these kids who can’t afford it really touched me. Imagine if Eddie Van Halen’s parents couldn’t afford to buy him a guitar? This is my way of saying ‘Thanks’ for the help I received in my career. They support over 110 thousand students across the United States and everyone from Lady Gaga to Slash is involved. I was so moved by the organization that I donated my time and resources towards creating a Public Service campaign for them in 2014. It is one of my top priorities moving forward. For more information please check out



Fabio with Rick Stitch and Alex Grossi from Hotel Diablo
Fabio with Rick Stitch and Alex Grossi from Hotel Diablo

RRM: How is your new life in L.A. going? A little time ago you decided to move to Los Angeles from Florida, right?

It’s been exhausting been it was necessary. My friends look at my career and think it’s so cool that I do this but what they don’t know is that at times it’s absolutely brutal financially and there are times I have nothing going on for months. To really get to the top, you have to be in Los Angeles and I decided to make the move. Ironically most of my friends live out here anyway so in that respect it’s been good. My kids live in Florida and I fly back and forth every month to be with them.


RRM: What are your five favorite albums of all time?

Wow that is a tough one! I will list them in no particular order: Guns and Roses “Appetite For Destruction”, AC/DC “Back In Black” Motley Crue “Shout at The Devil” Nirvana “Nevermind” and anything from Muse probably “Origin Of Symmetry”


RRM: You worked with a lot of important bands such as Skid Row, Kiss etc… What’s your best memory about your past?

When I won an Emmy for the first music project I ever worked on which was a feature for KISS for CBS News. I think I am the only person I believe to have shot their last show with the four original members and I still have all my raw tapes. My time in Cuba & Middle East covering news was also great memories. I miss news sometimes and the rush it brings when you’re up against a huge deadline. It’s crazy to be witness history up front and be responsible for bringing it to the masses.


RRM: Before working as a music director you used to work for CBS. How was the transition from television to a private career?

Equally exciting and difficult. I have covered news all over the world and been fortunate to have won a ton of awards. When you work on your own there are no accolades, a team or a steady paycheck but the flipside is that you have unbelievable freedom and the ability to shatter the creative ceiling. I think most people slow down in their careers…me I am just getting started. These next two years will blow everything I have done out of the water and I am thankful everyday that I have work lined up. It’s not easy out there in this economy. I never forget where I came from and how fortunate I am. I never take anything for granted.