Interview with BILL STEER, CARCASS for 'Surgical Steel'

Intervew by Andrea Evolti

RRM: First of all, Bill: what about that new release after the reunion: have you Carcass thought about a new release since the reunion tour period of 2009 or it's a project born after that experience?


B. Steer: Well, the idea to re-start releasing a new album has born after the 2009 reunion, by and large around the 2011, thanks to Jeff (Walker) who felt the inspiration to create something new marked Carcass and give an aftermath to that reunion-tour. So, he involved me and Daniel Wilding at drums, because of Ken (Owen) is not able to play drum-works for a death-grind metal release, at least at this moment, for the consequences of his illness (Ken suffered a brain haemorrhage in 1999 N.o.A.), in this project and here we are, with this new work, an album we have written and played with great enthusiasm and a passion which is worth of Carcass early days.


RRM: Tell me something about the line-up of this album: why there is not Mike Amott in this second life of the band?


B. Steer: Mike didn't take part of this project only for artistic and logistic reasons: Arch Enemy is the one of the most important thing in his career at this moment and it allows him to express all his talent and creativity at best and in total freedom. We asked to Mike whether he would be part of this project but his currently artistic choices and the fact he is very much busy by the Arch Enemy's activity didn't leave him enough time to follow us in this new release.


RRM: Would you introduce us new Carcass members, Daniel Wilding and Dan Ash?


B. Steer: Sure, it's a great pleasure: Daniel has played with many bands, for example The Order of Apollyon and Trigger the Bloodshed. He is a very talented guy and when I saw him for the first time performing live, I realized he could be our man; at that time we were searching for a drummer for 'Surgical Steel' and Daniel was the right person in the right moment, doing a great work, with a style perfected mixed between the mood of Ken during the period Necroticism and Heartwork and a personal, fluent and dynamic style very close to some death-melodic metal but with complex drum-lines. Dan Ash didn't take part at the recording sessions for 'Surgical Steel', 'cause we started to search a second guitarist only after the end of all work: he too is very skillful as guitar player and has been able to find the right feeling with the rest of the band.

RRM: The new material of this release is a brand new stuff or there's something which comes from Heartwork-period?


B. Steer: The songwriting comes out after the reunion-tour: in this case, we can say that the inspiration was stimulated by our playing around again. However, it was a spontaneous artistic process and absolutely not calculated but, at the same time, pondered over, to be sure about its genuine nature. In my opinion the goodness of this release is finding out new way of expression for our style that is rooted in our past.


RRM: Lyrics: a topic always intriguing and interesting in the Carcass works: what you talk about in your last release? Why such a title like this one?


B. Steer: Uh, I'm sorry but I can't say very much about them: all the lyrics have been written down by Jeff and only he could answer you in a satisfactory way. The only thing I can say is that these lyrics are only apparently connected to the Necroticism-period: speaking the truth, they are a great metaphor of all the events that are happening around the world in the last years: he has used words concerning autoptical and surgical environment to describe the nowadays troubles of this world.


RRM: Maybe you have been always like Cassandra, such a Clairvoyant, 'cause in 'Keep on Rotting in the Free World' you sang: '…..the role of Western free world is in decline'.


B. Steer: Well, Western free world is not always free but we have the chance, in this world, to be free and to get better it; maybe we have at a crossroad, where we can decide whether to turn towards a defensive and conservative position of the status quo or choosing for something brand new, to see a future for all world and not only for a part of it....for the fact we will be anyway doomed to the same destiny of the rest of the world if we leave it alone.


RRM: Can you tell something more about the conditions of Ken?


B.Steer: Well, Ken has done great progresses throughout these years: he walks almost perfectly, speaks without problems and practices to play drums just many years, with an hard rock band: I don't know if one day he will be able to play with us again Carcass songs, but I wish it very much and I think there are no few possibilities that this dreams could become truth. Beside all, however, the most important thing is he is fine about his health and his own life got back quiet ordinary.


RRM: What about the upcoming tour? Something special planned for your gigs?


B. Steer: To be honest, we are to much focused to play our songs on stage at best, to plan something special, concerning special effects, stage lay-out and stuff like that. I prefer offer to the kids the best performance I can do rather than try to obtain the interest of the audience with astonishing packaging.


RRM: Bill, thank you so much for your time and best wishes to you, to Carcass guys and, of course, to Ken!


B. Steer: Thanks to you kids, you are really kind! Follow us throughout our tour in Autumn.