Interview with DEAD CITY RUINS

Photos and interview by Amelia Tomasicchio

Met after the concert Skid Row played in Rome on November 29th, we chatted a little bit with Dead City Ruins, an Australian hard rock band on tour to promote their latest and self-titled album.

RRM: How's the tour going so far?

Mick: Uh, uh! Amazing!

Jake: So far the tour has been amazing, it kicks ass. There are only two more shows left. There are 33 dates in 39 days, so it’s been very long, a lot of driving.

Tommy: We do everything by ourselves so it’s crazy, but it’s been really good.


RRM: Can you tell us any funny stories that happened on this tour with Skid Row?

Jake: whatever happens on tour stays on tour.

Tommy: That’s it! It would be not funny. It would be disgusting!

Mick: I don’t know. Everything so far is fucking crazy. You have to sit down and write it down all what we say? You don’t have enough battery on the phone to record all the stories!



RRM: What was the best audience?

Tommy: Maybe Rock City in Nottingham. It’s pretty hard to say, because each country has a different audience. Some people are more reserved, some people go crazy. They are very different.

Jake: Nottingham, in England, was amazing, ‘cause there were 2.000 people, all singing the songs.  Copenhagen was amazing too: it was a pretty big venue, but full of people just going crazy. Glasgow, Scotland, Switzerland was amazing as well, Germany, etc… Every time we go on stage and people are cheering for us it’s a good night.

Mick: Tonight!!!


RRM: Why the decision to move from London to Australia?

Jake: In London we had a completely different line up, there were only me and Mick. We were just drinking too much there and the guys in the band – we still love them , but they didn’t want to push it. So we moved, and then we met Tom. We said to him: “Tom, you’re a fucking amazing guitar player. We need to start new things, you know”. Then we found a new guitar player, a new drummer and that’s how Dead City Ruins started again. For us it was the only option to move from London to Australia, ‘cause we were drinking too much. It’s the best decision we ever made.

Tommy: in Australia being in a band is a good attitude, you know.

Mick: Australian audience is very strong.

Jake: We really rock hard there. Crowds are always very enthusiastic. The gigs fall apart.


RRM: What’s your favorite song of you self-titled album?

Jake: That’s a hard one.

Mick: For me it’s the last song: “Bloody Tools”. It’s a song written for a friend of mine who died a couple of years ago. It’s a special song for me. We did a very good job recording it.

Jake: I think that song, “Bloody Tools”, is probably the best song we’ve ever written. Recording songs sometimes is hard: a song you think is so good, it sounds like shit when you record it. But that songs, the emotions come through the recording. For me playing live “D.I.B.” – it’s my favorite track – is when I lose my mind the most and go crazy. Pretty much all of them!


RRM: What were the artists that made you want to start playing?

Jake: Black Sabbath.

Tommy: Nirvana. I was 8 years old and I listened to Metallica and Nirvana.

Mick: Led Zeppelin. My best memory is listening to Led Zeppelin with my father in his car.


RRM: What are your next goals?

Mick: Conquer Italy with many boats. We wanna invade the Vatican city with many horses.

Tommy: Replenish Romans Empire again.

Jake: We don’t know. We just want to play shows. And somebody pick us up, we don’t have a record label, bring us to Europe again!

Mick: We just want to come back to Italy, come back to Europe for more shows.


RRM: What are your hobbies besides the music?

Mick: I’m a dolphins trainer. Re-string my bass (laughs). I like sports.

Tommy: I like listening to old man in very dark rooms talking with himself (laughs).

Jake: Drinking!! 



Line up:

Tommy Teabag - guitar

Andy - drums

Mick Quee - bass

Jake Wiffen - vocals

Sean Blanchard - guitar