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data pubblicazione: Novembre 29, 2013


It has been seven years since last release of swiss band Crystal Ball (“Secrets”) and lots of things inside the band have changed, even if their sound remains the same as it was during their 15 years careers. Melodic winking hard-rock that lost the light glaze of power they had in their very beginning. The biggest news is surely the new singer Steven Mageney that replace leaving Mark Sweeney and do a very good job.


“2001 a space odyssey” soundtrack is used as intro to arrive to first song “Break Of Dawn” full of energy, it’s like an erupting Vulcan, as if the band try to catch and carry all the energy of these years of stop in a 3 minutes song. “Anyone Can Be A Hero” is the first video choose to let all the rockers know that Crystal Ball have come back, and it’s a good choice starting from wonderful choirs. The other video extract from the album is the ballad “Eternal Flame” so simple, so nice. Harmony in “The Brothers Were Wright” bring to your mind a Vixen-song, without copy it and listening well it seems that all album contains some reminds to ‘80s sounds, so loved by nostalgic like us.


These guys have the higher wish to tell the world that they come back and don’t wanna stop, and you can feel it while listening to the album. “Dawnbreaker” is a great album without fuzzy songs. Now we have to wait to next month (14 march Blue Rose Saloon in Bresso -MI- and 15 Audiodrome in Moncalieri -TO-) to see live performance of this incredible band.


Review Andrea Lami




1. Zarathustra

2. Break Of Dawn

3. Anyone Can Be A Hero

4. The Brothers Were Wright

5. Eternal Flame

6. Skin To Skin

7. Walls Fall Down

8. Back For Good

9. Power Pack

10. Stranded

11. Sun Came Out


Line up:

Steven Mageney – voce

Scott Leach – chitarre

Markus Flury – chitarre

Cris “Iron” Stone – basso

Marcel Sardella - batteria