SIXX.A.M: Interview with D.J. Ashba

With a new upcoming Sixx:A.M. album, Dj Ashba, also guitarist in Guns n' Roses, granted us an interview for talking about "Modern Vintage", his new Les Paul and your Ashba Clothing. 

Interview by Amelia Tomasicchio

RRM: You have always done only a few tours with Sixx a.m., as you and Nikki were busy with your bands. Do you think things will change now?

D.J. Ashba: Yes, I think, you know, with Motley Crue coming to the final tour, and Guns n' Roses having ended their crazy schedule, absolutely touring is something that we always wanted to do with Sixx:A.M. and it looks like it will come to operation, which will be great. 

RRM: Many Italian fans quoted Sixx:A.M. on, asking for a gig in Milan. Did you know it? Are you planning to do it?

D.J. Ashba: It should be great. I love Milan, I love playing there. It is one of my favourite city in the world. At the moment we don't really have any exact schedule to talk about touring. I don't know exactly all the details for the next tour. But it's something to talk about soon. 

RRM:Let's talk about your new DJ Ashba Signature Les Paul. How did you come up with this idea? 

D.J. Ashba: Well, I've been designing guitars and customing guitars since I can remember. With Les Paul there are some reasons why I use it for recording but not live. I've used Les Pauls on almost every single album I've ever done 'cause there is no better sounding guitar for recording. When I had the opportunity to design a custom model I wanted to do it so I would be able to play it live. So we redesigned everything from scratch, the wiring, the kill switch, the fretboard, which is now flat so it no loger fret out like most Les Paul do. There is a lot of changes I've made. In my opinion this is one of the best Les Paul guitars out there. 

RRM: Can you tell us something about "Relief"? It has a very particular sound What's the song about? 

D.J. Ashba: "Relief" is a song that has had a difficult born. Everybody has a different thinking about what it means, but I remember when Nikki called me... It's a quick story. He was taking photographs. He saw this girl, they started to talk with each other and he said: "I hope you don't mind, but I have to take a picture of you". And she said "Ok I understand". And then he saw the relief on her face. You know some people use drugs, some people use other means to find relief, sometimes life is tough. But this is one of the ways you can get inspiration to start a new song.  

RRM: Which of the songs in the new album was more difficult to compose?

D.J. Ashba: I think "Before it's over" is definitely a little more difficult than the others, due to its unusual style. One of my favorite guitarst is Scotty Moore from Elvis Presley, it's clear how he plays a rockabilly style which I'm not used to play a lot. I love guitarists such as Scotty Moore, Les Paul and Chat Atkins, and I wanted to bring some of their style into this song, to make it as much authentic as possible. I also love Brian May from Queen, and that's why I chose to put an armonic solo into a piece with a Scotty Moore style. All this has made this song one of the most difficult to write.

RRM: And what is your favourite song of Modern Vintage?  Why? 

D.J. Ashba: That's a tough question, I can never pick a favorite, they all came from the heart. I love "Before it's over" and "Miracles" for their funk/disco style. 

Of course "Stars" is one of my favorite songs. But also songs like "Let's go" or "Relief". There are so many great songs on the record. 

RRM: How is it going with your Ashba Clothing? Any news about it? 

D.J. Ashba: Yeah, Ashba clothing is going really well on We're rebraining and redesigning all the clothes. I want to focus more on just t-shirts, hoodies, scarves and jewelery. Now my next goal I think is to start distributing all the clothes worldwide.

RRM: Now the hot topic: how about the future of Guns n' Roses? Any upcoming news? 

D.J. Ashba: Yeah, there's talk of a lot more touring, and there's talk of getting in the studio and finally putting together what we feel it would be the next best Guns n' Roses record. There's tons of material recorded, so now it's a matter of what vision Axl has for the next album. 

RRM: You were talking about goals. Which are your goals for the future?

D.J. Ashba: I have a media company that is doing incredibly well, we are putting massive displays in every major casino in Vegas, so that company is very exciting and it is growing so quickly and it is quickly becoming very well known in Vegas, which is nice. We have an amazing team there. The clothing I would love that, of course, you know, getting in the stores across America and actually open up an official Ashba clothing store in Vegas and it would be a great thing. Getting in more into the Tv and film world is where I kind of focus right now. 




Modern Vintage

Eleven Seven Music/Warner

Release date: 7 ottobre 2014

Nikki Sixx è da sempre un'assoluta garanzia per il beneamato mondo rock, e i sacrosanti Motley Crue ne rappresentano l'ineccepibile conferma.

L'intenso percorso del bassista si fa ancora più ad hoc grazie all'altra esaltante avventura meglio conosciuta come Sixx.AM.: band formata nel 2007 assieme al caliente e smaliziato frontman James Michel e all'energico chitarrista Dj Ashba; merita aggiungere che il nome del trio è una...[Continua a leggere..