DOCTOR & THE MEDICS interview with Clive Jackson "The Doctor"

Interview by AngelDevil Rock

RRM: Hi Clive, welcome. Let me say thank you for taking the time to speak to me. It’s been some 29 years since the release of "Spirit in the Sky". So, I know On October 13th , we will be releasing the 29th Anniversary Edition of their #1 hit "Spirit In The Sky" featuring remixes by some of the hottest Billboard charting Remixers. What does it mean to you after so long?


It's nice to get some nice remixes of the song. People have tried in the past but just not nailed it so to have 11 remixes on the release that are all good is nice. Spirit is a hard beat to put to a dance vibe onto but these guys have done it.

I like a lot of dance music so for me it's nice to be able to cross over to a new genre as well, that's quite exciting!! I've always thought Rock and Dance music are not so different, third cousins twice removed!!! So it's nice to build a bridge linking them with Spirit in thye Sky


RRM: You had a massive hit with Spirit In The Sky; have you ever had any feedback from Norman Greenbaum, who originally recorded and released the song back in 1969?


Yes, Norman and I email about 2 or 3 times a year. He's had a bad car crash this year and is recovering. I emailed him to see how he's getting on and he's doing OK. He wants to be fit enough to do some shows next year so I'm hoping he makes a great recovery. I've told him about the mixes and so will be interested to hear what he thinks!!


RRM: In May they have also released a radical re-treatment of Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round”. I like your version. Why did you choose that song?


It struck me that the current line up have never been involved in a single release with a video etc so I thought it would be nice to finally do one with them. We chose “Spin Me” because it was going down so well live.

RRM: Do you plan to release anything else in the future, or are you more comfortable doing live performances?

Always LOVE live performances but we are getting back into recording. After the Spirit Remixes we have a song due out next year called “Rock Me” and we have also started work on our first new album in 20 years which we hope to have out next year so watch this space!!

RRM: When you're playing, what do you like to leave your audience with once the concert is over? What do you want a teen to remember from your gig or CD?

That's a hard question. Our relationship with music and performance is always a personal one. It's different for everyone, which is one reason we love music so much, it touches us all in unique ways, just as a relationship does.

For our part we like to take people on a journey that takes their focus away from their everyday lives or problems. Just to give the body and soul a boost. If we can do that in any way at all then I am happy.

RRM: Is there some funny event happened during the recording of the songs that you want or you can tell us?

Yes there was but sadly I am sworn to secrecy!!!

RRM: Talk about passion for the music... How were you driven or attracted into this world of music? did you always dream to be a singer? I know you started as a DJ.

I am a fan of music first. It touched my soul at an early age and I dicovered the power it has for good. I remember listening to Hawkwind in the 70's and it taking me on my special journey.

The one gig that changed my life though was in 1977 when I saw the X-Ray Specs live at the Marquee in London. Suddenly everything clicked into place. Polystyrene was from another planet when she sang, a true force of nature just giving it everything with complete abandon but total passion and commitment. That's the moment when I realised that there no rules, no limits to what can be achieved in a performance if you give it everything you have got. I saw Iggy the following week and That was that, Job done!!! I knew I wanted to be involved in music. I couldn't play an instrument and was probably the least likely singer ever so I started to DJ. I loved it, a form of indirect communication, you have peoples evening and enjoyment in your hands. It's important to get it right!!! I loved it when it went well.

I got well known in London and the band happened as a result of a bet. A friend of mine bet me that i wouldnt be able to form a band to support them. I had just 2 weeks but I wrote 2 songs, Got a line up together, learned a set, created an image and blew them off stage!!

RRM: How easy or difficult is it for you to make a living from music?

You have to love it, it takes so much time and can take over your life so if you don't love it it will be hard. But if you have the passion that's needed for it then it is fantastic.

It's not heard. I don't like it when you see celebrities and singers moaning about how hard it has been.... Makes me angry. We are lucky and blessed to be able to perform and have people appreciate what we do. That is NOT hard. Hard is working down a mine or being homeless or loosing your job with a family to feed, THAT's hard!!

If people who sing think it is hard then they should just get another job, simple!!!

RRM: What’s the most important thing for you in your life? A thing you won’t ever give over?

My position where I am able to be a link between people and music. Whether I'm singing, Djing or writing about it. I am lucky to be involved in that process and though I may not be able to sing for ever I will always be involved in some way!!

RRM: Clive, thank you for taking the time to speak to me, it’s been an absolute pleasure. What would you wanna say to all the people that will read this interview?

Thank you folks for taking the time and having the interest to read this. I hope we can get back over to Italy again soon to play. We Love playing over there and it's been too long so hopefully we will have a chance to see you all again.

Keep on keeping on.

Love and Peace

Doc x x

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