NIGHTWISH: il trailer della limited tour edition di "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"

Di seguito è possibile guardare il trailer dedicato all'uscita dell'edizione deluxe di "Endless Forms Most Beautiful". Non si tratta di una ristampa, bensì di un'edizione speciale dell'ultimo album della band.

"Endless Forms Most Beautiful" tour edition track listing:


01. Shudder Before The Beautiful

02. Weak Fantasy

03. Élan

04. Yours Is An Empty Hope

05. Our Decades In the Sun

06. My Walden

07. Endless Forms Most Beautiful

08. Edema Ruh

09. Alpenglow

10. The Eyes Of Sharbat Gula

11. The Greatest Show On Earth


01. Yours Is An Empty Hope (live)*

02. Stargazers (live)*

03. Planet Hell (special clip)

04. Last Of The Wilds (special clip)

05. Storytime (special clip)

06. Arabesque (special clip)

07. Last Ride Of The Day (special clip)

08. Making-of

- The Cabin

- By The Lake

- Inside His Head

- Summer Camp

- More Campers

- New Hometown

- Almost There

- London

- Mixing And Mastering

- Ready!

- Release Of The First Single

- The Theme Of The Album

- The Recordings For Floor & Kai

- Thoughts And Feelings

- The Release

- The Artwork

- The Tour Rehearsals

- The Tour Starts

- The Second Single

- The Upcoming Shows

- Troy

09. Élan (official video)

10. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (official video)

11. Photo Gallery

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