CREED: a novembre esce il disco "With Arms Wide Open: a Retrospective"

Il prossimo 20 novembre i Creed pubblicheranno l'album "With Arms Wide Open: A Retrospective". Il cofanetto conterrà ben tre dischi con materiale inedito, tra cui tracce acustiche, b-sides, tracce registrate dal vivo e alcuni demo.

CD 1 - Best Of: The Singles

1. My Own Prison [Radio Edit] 

2. Torn [Radio Edit] 

3. What's This Life For [Album Edit – Clean] 

4. One [Radio Edit] 

5. What If [Radio Edit] 

6. Higher [Top 40 Version] 

7. With Arms Wide Open [New Version with Strings] 

8. Are You Ready? 

9. My Sacrifice [Radio Edit] 

10. Bullets  

11. One Last Breath [Radio Version] 

12. Don't Stop Dancing  

13. Weathered [Edit] 

14. Overcome 

15. Rain [Pop Mix] 

16. A Thousand Faces [Radio Edit] 


CD 2 - Rarities & Demos 

1. To Whom It May Concern 

2. Is This the End [Scream Edit] 

3. Bound and Tied 

4. Young Grow Old 

5. Silent Teacher   

6. I'm Eighteen 

7. Roadhouse Blues [Live at Woodstock '99] 

8. Riders on the Storm  

9. Blistered [Demo] 

10. More Than This [Demo] 

11. Why [Demo] 


CD 3 - Acoustic

1. My Sacrifice [Live Acoustic]

2. My Own Prison [Acoustic Version – Extended] 

3. Don't Stop Dancing [Acoustic Version #3] 

4. With Arms Wide Open [Acoustic Version] 

5. What’s This Life For [Alternate Version – Clean] 

6. Rain [Live Acoustic] 

7. My Own Prison [Live Acoustic] 

8. With Arms Wide Open [Live Acoustic] 

9. Overcome [Live Acoustic] 

10. One [Live Acoustic] 

11. Torn [Live Acoustic] 

12. Higher [Live Acoustic] 

13. To Whom It May Concern [Live Acoustic]

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