PERIPHERY:nuova canzone in streaming! “The Price Is Wrong”, dal nuovissimo album: “Periphery III: Select Difficulty”

I PERIPHERY hanno recentemente annunciato la release del loro quinto album dal titolo “Periphery III: Select Difficulty” in arrivo il 22 luglio su Century Media Records e sono lieti di presentare la prima traccia estratta, “The Price is Wrong”: 


“It’s like handing somebody a grenade,” guitar player Jake Bowen says of the song, which serves as the album opener. “It’s so in-your-face and brutal for us. It was a great way to start.”


“Every one of our albums has a nice long intro, and we were like, ‘Let’s kick this off with a drum fill and a pissed-off riff,’” laughs guitar player Misha Mansoor. “It’s something we haven’t done. It was fun.”


Physical pre-order:

Impericon: (the light blue vinyl is limited to 200 copies)


“Periphery III: Select Difficulty” track listing:

1.    The Price is Wrong

2.    Motormouth

3.    Marigold

4.    The Way The News Goes…

5.    Remain Indoors

6.    Habitual Line-Stepper

7.    Flatline

8.    Absolomb

9.    Catch Fire

10. Prayer Position

11. Lune


PERIPHERY live in Europe: 

June 8 (UK) London - Periphery Master Class at Bell Percussion

June 11 (AT) Nickelsdorf - Nova Rock Festival

June 12 (UK) Derby - Download Festival




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