69 EYES an interviews with singer Jyrki , a few minutes before the bands goes onstage at the LIVE Club in Trezzo (Milano, Italy) of the Dark Decadence Tour with Hardcore Superstar (as the headliners) and Crashdiet.

Our questions:

1- Well, Jyrki let's talk about Back in Blood, an amazing release with your special trade-mark: a mix of glam, Psychobilly, metal, punk and hardcore. That's a really interesting melting pot of influences.

2- You were talking about horror movies. What's your favorite kinda horror movie in this genre and what's your most beloved movies?


3- What does mean, for you, playing live on a stage?


4- What does mean, for you, living a life as a rocker?

Check out the photo from the show HERE

Backstage Photos credit: Patrizia Cogliati photographer

Published April 16, 2011