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Do you want ride to motorcross

really hot rock’n girlie?!

More and more girls are starting to take up motocross as a sport, and as lifestyle. Heather Williams is a awesome girl and really GOOD at freestyle motocross. She also play the guitar. Read the interview, and check out the Heather Williams website.

AngelDevil: Hi Heather, thank you for taking the time to do this interview, it is greatly appreciated! How are you in this summer days?

Heather: Summer is good, same as winter. I love to work 24/7 and I’m progressing with my goals the only difference is that it’s hot outside.

AngelDevil: I have seen your video’s, that’s cool! I have I’m very impressed.. you’re incredible rock girl. So, how did you get started riding motocross?

Heather: I had a small dirt bike when I was a kid and rode it everywhere around the neighborhood, but never did any racing. A few years ago I decided I wanted one and went and got a loan and bought one. I progressed on it quickly and within a years time I was jumping 80 ft. gaps off jumps at the mx track.

AngelDevil: Do you ever get scared when you’re flying off a massive jump or getting huge air?

Heather: For sure you do, but the more you do it the better you get and you start to relax alittle.

AngelDevil: In the beginning the idea of Freestyle Motocross was to be less competitive then racing – nowadays it is very competitive.

Heather: It’s extremely competitive and now you have to pull backflips in order to even be in the competions.

AngelDevil: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had? Have you ever, like, busted your head open or anything?

Heather: I think the question is what haven’t I broke ah ah … My biggest break was my back L2, I did that right at about a year into riding. As I mention before, I picked the sport up fairly quick and one night at the track I tried a trick where you get off the bike on one side then get back on before you land and the bike kicked out to far for me to get back on so I land straight on my tailbone. I complete broke my L2 and I am very fortunate. The surgeon after surgery mentioned I was the worse case he had seen that didn’t have paralysis. I have two 8”rods and a huge scar down my back from that. Since then I have broke 5 more bones at different times – my ribs, wirst and toes. One year after my surgery I was invited to participate in the ESPN X GAMES. Right now I am counting 21 bones broke and I have had my ACL replace. Some of the injuries where from other sports – skateboarding, trampoline, bicycles and basketball. Some of my x-rays are on my website

AngelDevil: My god! Tell me more about other sports you’re doing. I know you’re also first female to perform dance routine at the X Games on ESPN..

Heather: I love to entertain no matter what sport! The other sports I am currently active in are – running road races and motocross.

AngelDevil: For sure there will be many different challenges riding through a major part of us or. What are your own expectations about the race, the conditions and how you might finish?

Heather:I always plan to finish first in whatever I do, so mentally if I have done my homework and worked hard I should have no worries about placing on the podium. Racing is so much fun and I love competition.

AngelDevil: Freestyle Motocrossers are typically creative people. Besides riding, you play the guitar, and last year you played in the only all female Van Halen tribute band. Tell me more about your passion for the rock n’ roll music. How did you start going about it?

Heather:I started on piano when I was about 11yrs old, then played snare drum in the school marching band in middle school, but because of my involvement with sports at school it was hard to maintain both so music took a back seat. Then a couple of years ago I decided I was going to play guitar. My first band was She-Ruption, the only ALL FEMALE Van Halen tribute band, now I am doing my own Heather Williams band. I wrote 9 tunes in about a month and just released my first single “Rock Me Down”. Our first gig was playing on an island at the Global Surf & Film Festival. I just got my first review back and it was so exciting to read. I have it posted on my website.

I can’t believe how fast this is all happening and I am very blessed to have the opportunities that I have, but they wouldn’t be there if I didn’t work hard even through the rough times.

AngelDevil: What about the studio and recording atmosphere… Do you enjoy doing producing and playing everything yourself?

Heather: I love recording. I have some gear at my house that I can lay down ideas. The first tunes I did by myself. I had to even lay the bass tracks and didn’t know how to play. So I had a quick bass 101 class. I can spend hours coming up with fun riffs and solos then writing the lyrics and recording the melodies. Such a rewarding process.

AngelDevil: What’s in the future?

Heather: Start touring! That’s next. I am working to pull funding for my music project by selling names on guitar for $10 and logos on my gear. This allows others to play on stage with me! Check out my website to add your name or business logo name.htm.

AngelDevil: Well, that’s it from me; do you have anything else you want to say?

Heather: You can catch me at –

AngelDevil: I wish you good luck with the recording sessions!

Heather: Thank you so much and have ROCK’N productive day!