AngelDevil: Hi, how are you doing?

I’m good thanks.  Just got back from a small tour we did.


AngelDevil: For people not familiar with the band, Atom Smash, how did the band come about?

Well, Serge (the singer) was working with a producer named Paul Trust at the time. They were looking for a guitarist but couldnt find the right guy so they posted an ad on some internet website. I did the same thing.

At that time I was still living in Austria though. (I was born in Austria)

Serge saw my add, contacted me and sent me a couple songs which I re-recorded in my own version and sent back to him.

He seemed to like it and had my fly to Miami to meet the producer and work on a couple songs with them. The rest is history. lol

We worked really well together so I finally decided to move to Miami.


AngelDevil: Does the name of the band mean something in particular for you?

“The process of accelerating and smashing atoms is how scientists create a nuclear reaction.”
To us it means putting on a high-energy live show. We love to play live. the reaction you get from the crowd is amazing and one of the best feelings in the world. I think it describes our band pretty good.


AngelDevil: I was really impressed from your music. It has damn contagious songs! I really like it. How would you define Atom Smash’s sound?

Well that’s a tough question. With all the genres out there nowadays.

I would say its simply Rock/Hard Rock. We do our best to write good songs. we’re not to trying to be ultra - hip or reinvent the wheel. we’re just a rock band doing its thing.

AngelDevil: The work on "Sacrifice" is simply amazing. How long did it take you to arrange that composition?

Serg came up with the main idea for the song and then Paul, Serg and me worked on the arrangement. I don’t really remember how long it actually took since we worked on so many songs at the time.


AngelDevil: The video for "Sacrifice" has a unique look to it. Who came up with the concept for that?

Serg came up with the main idea but we all put our thoughts into it.


AngelDevil: Any plans to do another video at the moment?

We already have ideas for our next video but at the moment we concentrate on touring.


AngelDevil: What is Atom Smash for you guys? Is it a band, where you can try to express yourselves musically, is it also something, where you can process personal problems, experiences, hopes or is it even more?

Atom Smash is all of that and a lot more. that almost sounds like some TV commercial doesnt it? haha.

Yes we definately can express ourselves musically and hope the fans can relate to it. Music sometimes is like a healing process.



AngelDevil: Surely!  Many bands view the internet as an invaluable promotional tool and way to get their music out to the fans. How do you view the internet as a promotional tool for new and up and coming bands and has the net helped Atom Smash get your music out there? What's your relationship with the media - do you feel you are getting the support?

Yes the internet is definately a great promotional tool. you can reach thousands of people with a simple mouse click. especially on platforms like myspace. you almost have to have a myspace otherwise you won’t survive.

Record companies won’t even look at you if you don’t.

It has helped us a lot to get our name out but it is also a lot of work.


AngelDevil: This question's for Sergio, as a songwriter, what is the hardest part of bringing to life a great song?
Not forcing it in to existence. I tend to write better when I’m not trying to hard. If I sit down and try to nail an idea down I probably won’t come up with anything great. If I just let my subconscious feed me the ideas I’m usually more impressed with it.


AngelDevil: Z, if I asked you to choose a few guitarists that influenced your style and approach to playing, who would they be?

I’m influenced by the Edge from U2, David Gilmour, and Billy Gibbons...

People that play with a lot of feeling and soul. I’m not really into all these

technical players that shred the whole time. Its cool but doesnt say anything.

it just says you spent hours practicing scales.

Don’t get me wrong I did that too when I was younger. I sat there 6 hours a day practicing technique which helped me a lot. But I don’t do that any more.

In my early days I was influenced a lot by Steve Morse and Richie Sambora.


AngelDevil: To agree 100%. I know you’re also working on your solo project Z. What kinds of things inspire you lyrically?

Personal experiences, other peoples stories, whats going on in the’s different everytime.


AngelDevil: So, guys what’s your next project?

We are working on some material for the next album, pushing our radio single “Sacrifice” and booking tours. it’s a big year for us.


AngelDevil: Which are your favourite bands?

My favourite Bands are U2, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, and Hendrix. I also like the Foo Fighters.

Serg’s favourite bands are: Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, and Tool. The Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin are more current inspirations.


AngelDevil: What about your life everyday? Did you get some hobbies?

I was able to make my hobby my job so I have to find a new hobby now. haha.


AngelDevil: ah ah So, do you have a dream tour?

My dream tour would be supporting Aerosmith or U2.


AngelDevil: Ok, thank you for making this interview. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yes, we have our first Ep out which you can purchase on iTunes.
Also checkout our myspace and say hello! We love to chat with our fans and do our best to reply to every message we get.