Darrell 'Dwarf' Millar, ex drummer from Killer Dwarfs, a canadian band of the eighties which released some pure rock albums. Now Darrel with his new band called Automan. CA showing off new cool album.

AngelDevil: Well, let's start off with talking about your band, can you tell me how you and the guys first met? The name of the band AUTOMAN.CA is interesting to say the least and sounds as if there is a story behind it…

Darrel: My band consists of Carleton Lockhart, writing partner, backing vocals and all guitars. John Fenton Bass guitar, backing vocals and Adrian Cavan drums. I knew Johnny and Carleton for years and Adrian got the gig via a friends recomendation. Carleton started calling me the Automan when we had formed an AC DC tribute band called Autobon before the original act was created. I used the AC DC band to get my vocal chops together before doing all this for real. stands for Automan Canada so there will be no confusion or lawsuit with an Amercian TV show from the 80’s called Automan. 


AngelDevil: I’ve heard your new album called "Pocket Change", It’s like stuck in my head. Where did the lyrics come from and what inspired you to write the songs?

Darrel: The lyrics are co-written by Carleton Lockhart and myself. Some tracks on Pocket Change are more Carleton, some are more Darrell. That is between us for the most part. The songs are written out of real live experiences for the most part. Great Rock and Roll of the 70’s inspired this Cd.


AngelDevil: What will your new project add to your own music road? And what are you expecting from this new album?

Darrel: This new project has already filled a musical void I had been experiencing in the past 10 years. Mostly the fact I have had the chance to write, produce and get off the drums and be a frontman for this fine outfit says it all. I also run my own label Unkledunk Records which the band is on via Megaforce/Sony-Bmg. What more could a long haired rocker wish for. Jesus. I am expecting great things from this release, but not so much in sales themselves. More on the touring opportunities.


AngelDevil: What are you biggest musical influences?

Darrel: Rock of the 70’s, country and jazz.


AngelDevil: What kind of people listen to your music, do you think?

Darrel: I figure the same people that listen to Led Zeppelin, AC DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd would appreciate Automan. But we have test marketed the disc in dance clubs that University students frequent and they continue to dance to certain tracks off Pocket Change and love it. These are the same kids that like Green Day and Foo Fighters and are 22 years old, so it is hard to say. We will have to see when we tour.  


AngelDevil: The European fans will have the opportunity to see the band on stage any time soon?

Darrel: The plan is to tour Canada and USA first starting in a month or so. I would come to Europe anytime now if a promoter offered.



AngelDevil: Tell me a little about your career has spanned uNKLEDUNk Records, recording studio, and your bands?  When did you decide to make the uNKLEDUNk Records and why?

Darrel: I started Unkledunk Records back in 2002 when Automan was formed. I did this out of  necessity really. No one would sign the band and I needed a vehicle to record under. It just made sense to do it all on my own as no one else was going to do it for me. With the computer age now, anyone can start a label, but investing in it and getting the big guns to distribute the product is another story.



AngelDevil: Ok, let’s talk a bit about Killer Dwarfs now; was it hard to emerge on the music scene after taking part with Killer Dwarfs? You play again with Killer Dwarfs now?

Darrel: Killer Dwarfs got back together in 2001 with the original line-up after years of being apart. It was goods fun and we toured North America and really did it for the fans. It ran it’s course and we never recorded any new product so that is done now. Russ the singer is out on his own as well performing. He sings in a band called Moxy as of 03/20/09. Not sure where the other guys are now. I only perform with now.


AngelDevil: What’s your best and worst memory linked to that period?

Darrel: Best memory was signing the big deal with Epic/Sony in 1988 and touring and achieving success. What a great feeling. The worst feeling was the break up of killer Dwarfs and be literally out of work and not really knowing what direction I would take next. Mid 90’s. Brutal. Big highs and big lows. That is what life is isn’t it?


AngelDevil: What does living rock n'roll at 100 % mean for you? And what do you think about success?

Darrel: I have lived and worked full time in the Rock & Roll business my whole life and really do not know any other way to live. I have had success. Every other step is a success of it’s own. Achieving the Pocket Change release is a huge success to me already. If you are a career musician, success does not always come in record sales money and mansions. I will say, you have to a least make a living playing music or you should consider a career change. 


AngelDevil: What are your personal goals?

Darrel: To try and keep my health and spirit. Better myself as a person and a song writer,  and keep on rocking in the free world until I physically cant no more.


AngelDevil: When you are not performing what are your interests?

Darrel: I love sports. Hockey and Football. I don’t play anymore myself. I played hockey in a league when I was in my teens. I have seasons tickets for the CFL football league in Canada and watch NFL American football religiously as well as NHL hockey. Other than that. Beer and attending local pubs is another fav. Web design and graphic design take up the rest of my time.


AngelDevil: Thanks Darrel for this interview, it was a great pleasure to me! Wanna leave an extra message to get this interview done?

Darrel: Thank You girly for this opportunity and I am so happy you love the Pocket Change Cd. I look forward to meeting you when we come to Europe. Thanks again and Rock On.