AngelDevil: Hi Sean, I’ m very pleased to talk with you about your band and your album! First of all, I'd of course like to congratulate you on your new CD "Science of Annihilation". You got a great and powerful voice, congratulations! The production of the album is very powerful and it sounds very good, what can you tell me about?

Sean: Thank You !  It was the first one we produced in our own studio and between dave Garcia doing most of the physical engineering and me helping with the mix and just watching over his shoulder, we got pretty respectable results for our first self made production.  There can always be things you wish came out better but overall it rocks!


AngelDevil: Where did the album title "Science of Annihilation" come from?

Sean: We were throwing around different ideas and that one came to the front.Dave had some hesitation with it but it has turned out to be a fan favourite and overall badass sounding.  I have had the burden of coming up with all the album titles thusfar and I struck gold with this one I think.  There must be a science to the act of annihilating something and these songs are the instruction manual.

AngelDevil: Can you tell me something about your favourite song of that record? Which song does represent your style better?

Sean: Well I like "Planet Crusher" and "Scarlet Witch", but " Speed Kills"  and " Black River Falls" also rock me too. Picking a favourite is really tough but I narrowed it down to 4.  The style on this album was really augmented by the addition of drummer and former Psychotic Waltz member Norm “the legend” Leggio.  We were able to definitely turn up the intensity and speed of this record.  I think CAGE fans were excited to hear us implement some thrash and blast beats into our classic metal vibe.


AngelDevil: With the success of your last CD called "Hell Destroyer", does that raise the expectations for this one?

Sean: Well of course. This cd had to exceed HELL DESTROYER somehow and based on the consensus of the critics we did it! HELL DESTROYER was a magical record that we got many praises for but we knew that we could increase the power even more with Science.  We wanted this cd to be a no holds barred headbanger that people could put in their car and crank!  It was meant to have little to no down time and blaze right through.


AngelDevil: With the poor economy in Europe and the United States, does it concern you that fans may not be as willing to spend the money to come see a show?

Sean: That is the great thing about our genre of music that our fans will come to see us no matter what as they know we deliver a world class live performance.  Our first European tour was really great as we really freaked people out that have never seen us before.  We got to really spread our message finally in Europe it took 5 cds and no record label to be able to tour.


AngelDevil: Where haven’t you played live that you’d still like to get to?

Sean: Italy for starters, Japan and south America.  For some reason we get the worst cd reviews from Italy so every world cup I always root against them ha!!  We get a lot of Italian fans that email us but most of our 7/10 scores come from Italy.  I cannot figure it out.  So that is why we must play there and convert everyone with our American Power Metal Kings show!


AngelDevil: What are the future plans? What would you most like to do with Cage in the future?

Sean: Well we really have been concentrating on a new record now and returning to Europe in 2010.  We are finally playing New York City which is very exciting for us also.  We have some shows in Mexico lined up and have some new products coming out.  Our first DVd will be out which we are excited about and also 3 vinyl releases of our last 3 cds.  So with all that there is a lot for CAGE fans to look forward to definitely.

AngelDevil: There’s been a metal revival the past couple of years. Are there any of the younger generation metal bands that you’ve heard and enjoy?

Sean: Well I do not know if they are younger but I recently got into Sabaton which I think are cool and then some obscure bands like Skelator and Holy Grail are badass!!


AngelDevil: Which was the best moment of your career, and which one the worse? What do you think about success?

Sean: Best moment might have been the show we just put on our dvd which was in Monterrey which was amazing or opening for Judas Priest.  The worst moment was playing a few shows where there is a lot of work involved and 10 people show up. That is when you know you are in it for the love of metal itself.  Success has already come.  We are not in it for fame or to become this huge band, but just for the love of metal.  The greatest gift is the feeling that we get on stage when we play but also the fan reaction and meeting the people and seeing the looks on their faces as we rock them!


AngelDevil: What about your life everyday? Did you get some hobbies?

Sean: Yes I live by the beach in san Diego California and life is pretty good.  All of us live pretty blessed lives here.  We all have great families and careers outside of music and that creates a good balance and allows us to not have to live like broke band bitches!  My hobbies are many.  I snowboard quite often and have won some big air contests in my day, I play soccer on a A league division here in town and really love it.  I also play a lot of Poker and gamble in the many casinos here in san Diego.


AngelDevil: Ok Sean, It was a pleasure making this interview. Thanks for your cooperation. Wanna leave an extra message to get this interview done?

Sean: Thanks to all the fans and please say hi to us at metal and for all you CAGE products our official site at 




Science of Annihilation

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