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Here it is! 3D even for a music release and for a really awful packaging! That's the best fit beginning for the review of D Drive from New York City, not only for their great and well known talent. Third work by the combo born in 2004 from the featuring of Dan Mancuso (guitarist - The Lou Gramm Band, Black Sheep, Cheater, Celtic Fire) with the singer Phil Naro (Talas, Peter Criss, 24K); they started to write down songs for the debut album "Don Mancuso D Drive", 2005, followed, 2 years later, by the release of "Straight Up The Middle", a work made by a five-piece always enduring in walking its way with great and steady quality, nonetheless the several line-up changings, even thanks to the special guests (Lou Gramm, Jessie Hamilton and Brian Egglestone). For the new 3D stuff, released by Melodic Evolution Records, Phil and Don play side by side with the ax-man John Naro, the bass player John Taylor and Bobby Bond at the drums...and last but not least, the special guest Billy Sheehan, “Mister Bass” (Mr. Big, David Lee Roth, Talas). Pure 100% hard rock, of course, with 11 tracks that will leave a mark on your soul, first of all, the opener "Next Train", best choice to light the fuse: an old style song with a catching chorus that hits between your eyes and a solo which enforces the charming atmosphere. At the same level the involving "Dig Down", where John Naro and Dan Mancuso have fun and give you fun, snapping their fingers during the final refrain. Reo Speed Wagon-style for "Kiss The Ground"; that track recalls just to the Kevin Cronin band either for another song that follows a very catching groove, "Chains On You", 4 minutes as fast as you can and then, just to relax and take a breath, the sweet tunes of "Never Had A Chance" with which you can imagine yourself in a small club countryside where the bands play country music and, at least in my opinion, it’s the same with the next song "Last To Fall", a little bit slower but very groovy. Back to the Rock with the shaking "Down Deep" where Phil Naro gives all he can do; his vocal cords a great charisma and the same mood of Lou Gramm, a reason that makes me full of joy as a Foreigner fan. Very soft the ballad "Always Done What I Want" that makes blow the wind of country one more time with the help of the Mancuso’s six-strings and then rock ’n’ roll high speed again for "To Rock 'n' Roll Heaven". "Tumblin" i san amazing track, very Red Hot Chili Peppers-style, moreover for the verses, I make u sure: I get a clear mind and good ears, listen to believe! I think D Drive are like the good quality wine, but before tasting there is the closing track: an acoustic song called "Welcome To My World" that reaches out its own climax in its first minute, with an enchanting keyboard work sided by an elegant guitar solo. And now, let’s go to party with the gadget inside the special edition: 3D glasses to watch the 3D version of the booklet. Nothing left to say beside D Drive are always up-to-date with style and in a very professional way.  Web:


Review by Francesco Cacciatore

English version by A.