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Rebel Road

Airline Records

Can you fall in love with an album? Yeah, I think so! I’ve fallen in love with “Rebel Road”, the new release of a great bluesman from Texas, Edgar Winter. Some of his best full-length are Entrance, White Trash, They Only Come at Night and Shock Treatment. Here you can find music with a strong expressive power made by very high-leveled musicians, featuring Slash, Johnny Winter, the Edgar’s brother and the country-musician Clint Black.

11 sharp, slashing and dusty tracks with a blues soul and the flavor of the tipically crunchy on the road rock that the fan of this genre, as we are, need very much. The opener is the title-track ‘Rebel Road’, a burning rock-blues, a song that is fixed in your mind after the first listening and push you to press tha ‘play-key’ at least three time. The nasally-raw voice of Edgar joins perfectly with the guitar-style of Slash. Overflowing and involving energy comes out from the track number 3 “Power of Positive Drinkin’, where the love for blues is underlined by the use of the armonite. Another wonderful song is Freedom” which seems to have the smell of certain dusty places. Focus the image: you are in an old ’60 style pick-up; those songs are the perfect soundtrack for a journey with the scent of hay and freedom. Soft melodies are comin’ up with the ballads The Closer I Get” and “Peace And Love“. Doubtless exiting the tracks “Rockin’The Blues” and the very stimulating Oh No No with an incredible refrain that makes the song absolutely catching. Edgar Winter is in a state of grace! Nice work this Rebel Road, that is powerful and soft at the same time, with a great evocative wit and it can involve the listeners with its own tracks full of magnific peculiarities and made by the hand of a great musician. This title cannot tell lies! Buy or die!

Review by AngelDevil

Pocket Change

Unkledunk Records/Sony-Bmg

“Pocket Change” is the debut album of canadian Automan Ca., Darrell Dwarf Millar’s band. The singer and producer is the former drummer of the legendary band Killer Dwarfs. Catching melodies, pure talent, technique and emotions are the main features of this record which is never ordinary. Automan Ca.offer us good tracks, very well constructed and balanced; the songs recalls the wild, dirty beauty of 70’s hard rock and the simple sounds of rhythm’n’blues. tracks like “Back In The Sun”, Dig In Deep, “Cinnamon Rain”, Milldog Blues e “Drivin’, Rockin’, Lovin’” are precious little jewels that just change and transform musical fashions and trends; different sounds and ideas are mixed together in order to create a pure rock groove that vibes in every one of the eight songs of the album.
Darrel Dwarf Miller (lead vocals),Carleton Lockhart (guitars), John Fenton (bass) e Adrian Cavan (drums) are able to give birth to honest and instinctive music, these guys are led by their hearts when writing these amazing songs! As you may have understood the guys believe in what they do and the do it right and the proof is their music which is absolutely amazing. If you like this kind of sound you can’t miss Automan.Ca “Pocket Change”. If you want to know something more about the band please check out their interview on our webzine and their website.

Review by AngelDevil


“Changes – The last Decades”

Karthago Records

The legendary Black Angels are back after 24 years and their essence has not been corrupted by time since 1979. The swiss band is formed by singer and front man Ron Phillips (Boyscout), guitarist Rudi Martin, bass player Michael Enders and drummer Mark “the shark”. Those who love the band and its “Kickdown” album won’t be disappointed by the new record “Changes-The last decades”. This record is the living proof of a pure and thrilling instant of creativity, this will be so evident when you will listen to the very first track of the album: “Shine on”; the song perfectly embodies Black Angels’ strenght and attitude. This track rushes out thanks to Ron Phillips expressive, powerful voice and to electrifying riffs. They spoil and conquer us with their hard rock and with songs like “Walking Away”, “Changes”, “The Evil”, “Right on down the Road”, the slow and thoughtful “Talking to Angels” and the delicate ballad “Changes II” wich charms the listeners and attracts their attention. The sound of the band is modern but yet, somehow, classic thanks to a strong rhythm section and to a thrilling performance. This album will fit perfectly in every rocker’s discography; everyone will be able to enjoy the band’s amazing comeback on the scene. I listened to “Changes – The last Decades” over and over again and I really think it’s brilliant. You should buy it immediately!

Check out the band’s on the

Review by AngelDevil


In Harm’s Way

Misty Recordings

Do you want to know about an awesome record? That record is In Harm’s Way by Swedish band Violent Divine, and it’s easily the best kick ass, hard, knotty tunes that can only grasp the pure meaning of today’s rock/metal. All tracks are top notch, and there really is no filler on this disc. Incredibly produced by Pontus Norgren, guitarist of Hammerfall. The opening track, Let Them Burn has a really catchy refrain, you’ll listen to it a lot of times with pleasure. The hit of the album is In Harm’s Way, Mike has a unique vocal style that transcends both the evil and sublime. Killer riffs and roaring groove, the vocals the drums and the bass guitar are what make this song sound great. Must suggest you to check the video they made for this song, absolutely cool! Mike’s voice is powerful, it will hypnotize you till the end of the album, almost 46 minutes of pure energy and power. Love is Divine and Skin Deep“, another hot tracks. Strengthened by a powerful and exuberant style, finding out the right balance between energy and melody. When it goes up high it’s a total pleasure for your hears. Mike has a strong charisma, a catchy voice and he’s able to give listeners emotions and energy, well supported by Q with his incandescent and sharp guitar riffs, by Klaus (a powerful bass guitar player) and by Gus (a precise and strong drummer). Each musician brings an added dimension which helps establish a unique sound that is completely exclusive to this band. Twelve cool tracks that create a perfect balance. The energy of these songs it’s about genuine rage and vitality. You will press play over and over again, you will immediately dig these songs. Anyone looking for a great rock record should buy this record right away. Check their myspace page and website:

Review by AngelDevil


The Reckoning

Oarfin Distribution

F5 returns with The Reckoning, a new album following up the last A Drug For All Seasons (2005). The band has a veteran rhythm section of David Ellefson (Megadeth) and Jimmy DeGrasso (Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies) along with vocalist Dale Steele and guitarists Steve Conley and also John Davis. Let’s start with “No Excuse”, neverending energy, heavy riffs, with vocalist Dale doing his best impression. These features will make you enjoy the song. I think the great song on this album, had me sucked in from the start and it sets the tone for this thrash metal classic. Their sound draws influence from late 80s and early 90s thrash along, Combined with this is a style of very melodic yet brutal modern day metal. Yes, there are many different influences you can hear from this band but everything combines to create the sound of F5. The title track actually has clean vocals in the chorus, adding more depth to the album. I can envision every song on this album being played live. We can find many interesting episodes inside the album like My End”, Cause For Concern and closer The Final Hour. There isn’t a weak moment on the disc and there’s enough variety here to make every song stand on it’s own. The songwriting is accurate and mature: sharp guitars, vocals flying high, fast and raging rhythm. The new album is amazing, and the band has the right skills to create balanced songs alternating power and melody. The best feature of this album is Steve Conley and John Davis amazing, strong guitar work: passion and skills in a perfect match. Drums and bass guitar follow the rhythm in a perfect synergy. The production and sound of this release is nothing less than perfect and I just cant stress enough how great the musicianship is. The Reckoning joins the ranks of classic thrash and metal albums of the past and present. Believe me, it’s that damn good! Official website: and MySpace:

Review by AngelDevil


Eletric Mistress

Self release

Electric Mistress is the debut album of the english band The Gasoline Allstars born in 2003. Produced and recorded by own guitarist Kit Haigh (soundtrack composer of EMMY and BAFTA Award winning C4 documentary The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off). Interesting mixture of sounds, some are rock some more harmonic; this music is dynamic like sound funky-rock and soul-rock with delicate and melodic atmospheres. The sound is very clean and regular, the tracks are performed perfectly, like the opening track with the right power 3Way, a good song that sets the mood for the next tracks, it’s a positive feeling and you will enjoy this rhythm. Another good song is Gasoline that has a perfect groove. It makes you wanna dance, this song makes the CD worthy! Sweet melodies in the ballad called Breathe On My Own able to grasp one’s audience thanks to an intriguing riff and a great guitar intro.

You could move yourself to tears listening to Leave A Message, a song full of a melancholy atmosphere. The tracks of the album flow easily, catchy melodies perfectly suitable for radios. This rock is fresh, pure, a cool balance between fast rhythms and slower notes. What can I say? Thanks to a date production and supported by a huge, appropriate and, sometimes, sweet sound, The Gasoline Allstars give us for sure a job well done. Check their myspace page

Review by AngelDevil


Heaven’s Basement

Self release

This 6 song release is from the english Heaven’s Basement. The sound is derivative of classic 70’s rock but with well matched tracks they create a perfect balance and solid pure hard ‘n’rol. The band mood is great, rough, electric and fascinating – they are refreshing and lively. It seems like true rock is back in the spotlight! These guys are well talented musicians and produce songs you won’t forget easily. Listen to Executioner’s Day and you will understand what I’m talking about. I could keep on telling you how good they are but it’s better if you just get out and buy this killer CD. Richie, Sid, Jonny, Rob, and Chris have all the skills to get big and attract a huge number of fans cos they can really play and communicate power and thrills with their music. This is a promising debut from a band with influences from the past and unlimited potential in the future. Check the bands myspace at and website

Review by AngelDevil


Earthquake in e Minor

Earthquake Records

For all you metal fans looking for something to sink your teeth into this cold winter, I have the perfect CD for you, “Earthquake in e Minor“of The Gunslinger. The band was originally formed by bassist Alan Davey (Hawkwind, Bedouin & the Meads of Asphodel), and guitarist Nigel Potter in 1979. All of the songs on “Earthquake in e Minor” written from 1979 to 1981 are powerful and straight, just like a punch in the guts. You could say their music is full of ‘killer attitude.’ This CD consists of 11 tracks, and every track sounds as good as Motorhead. It’s clearly evident from this release that they are a very determined and hungry band who intend to kick ass with their fine tuned, live performances. I think that it’s hard to choose the best song, ‘cos this is an explosive album, full of energy, and grabs you from beginning to end. Listening to “Savage Love”, one of my favourite songs, this music is just impossible to resist…definitely a band to see live. Let’s take a look at

Review by AngelDevil


The Pine Cone Incident

Self release

“The Pine Cone Incident”, an instrumental guitar CD with 9 tracks full of good music, refined rock, alchemy connected with hard’n blues played by Chris Walker. Chris plays the guitar first with his heart, then with his hands. When you listen to this CD the sound is clean; it will communicate deep feelings to you, has absolutely amazing technique and plenty of passion. This album sounds great from the opening track to the last song. Good passionate slow songs and faster tracks create a good balance. Some of the tracks which grabbed my attention were “Fools”, Monday’s Blues”, “Feelin’ Good”, and “The Road Ahead”. These melodies have all the emotions you need and then some! Please, visit the official my space page

Review by AngelDevil


Mission To Rock

Pedal to the Metal

Beautiful, fascinating with killer looks; these are the main features of the American girls Cockpit. The band line-up, lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Linda Lou, lead guitarist Alicia Blü, bassist Terrii Kiing and drummer Rachael Rine have the strength it takes; their music is cool rock. These 4 girls came together as 2003 rolled into 2004, are passionate and impulsive when they play and fully express their musical talent. This EP has five songs – true rock, rough, pure dynamite, no slow sounds – just strength and power. These girls want us to pump up the volume and sing along with them every single track. “Mission To Rock” is the opening track: sharp riffs – you feel the adrenaline in your body. The sound of this band is explosive, powerful thanks to Linda’s cool voice. “At A Loose End”, “White Flag” and “Shot In Hell” are great tracks, good rhythm, great drums, and good guitar distortions. Catchier moments can be found on “Gun For Hire”. When bad girls like these play rock’n’roll they really make it hot!

Review by AngelDevil


The Great Revival

Napalm Records

Stuck Mojo are back with a new album “The Great Revival” on Austrian metal label, Napalm Records, following up the last re-release of “Southern Born Killers”. Formed in 1989 by guitarist Rich Ward, Stuck Mojo are considered by many, to be one of the key bands in the creation of rap metal from the US. All the energy accumulated in the past few years gets released in these twelve songs: a perfect combination between real strength, power, huge energy and mellow melodies. For sure you will totally appreciate this combination, because this band has a talent for putting together a winning musical concept. After the intro “False God” – opening track with the right power – is “15 Minutes of Fame” a good song that sets the mood for the next tracks, a positive vibe and you will enjoy the rhythm. “Friends” is another pretty good song; vocalist Rich “The Duke” Ward and Lord Nelson shares the microphone with rising star Christine Cook, whose vocal interpretations fit in perfectly with the band’s musical concept. “The Flood” and “The Fear” are two songs with a killer attitude starting from the vocals, a cool couple: they match together perfectly; they live their songs, they don’t just play them. Killer riffs and roaring groove, the drums and the bass guitar are what makes this song sound great. “There’s a Miracle Coming” and the cool ” Country Road” (John Denver revisited ) are chock full of feelings and emotions – they will delight hitting the quality highpoint of this album. The album is pleasant, the performance is professional, and it sounds good, well constructed and solid. The production is top quality, thanks to Andy Sneap’s (Megadeth, Machine Head, Nevermore, Arch Enemy, Exodus) flair for realising perfectly the sound and the rhythm section. The energy of these songs is about genuine rage and vitality – they will show it to you live during their performances. This album testifies to the fact that they always want to gratify their fans, without half – measures. I could keep on telling you how good they are but it’s better if you just get up and buy this killer cd. If you want to know something more about this band, go and check

Review by AngelDevil