by  Andrea Lami

Hi Ted. I’d really like to start this interview talking about your latest album; first thing, its title. What does REVOLVE mean to you? Are we witnessing a new beginning?

Ted Poley: No. Not a new beginning. Just a really great sounding new CD from Danger Danger. I like it a lot, i really like the vocal treatment by Bruno. My voice sounds awesome due to his great engineering skills.


When I first listened to REVOLVE, It was like starting a journey back in time with the typical Danger Danger sound of those days; it was “love at first hearing”. It’s 100% Danger Danger yet with a brand new freshness. How would you explain it??

Ted Poley: Its all Bruno.. he is a really great producer.


Are you planning a tour to promote the new album? Are there any chances for the Italian fans to see you performing live in our country?

Ted Poley: I am always touring as a solo artist and would love to play in Italy.


Which is the song of yours that you hold dear the most?

Ted Poley: I don’t write for D2 so my own favorite songs would be on any D2 CD's. My own song MISSING YOU has been very good to me.


What’s your dream… both in your personal life and in music?

Ted Poley: Just to be happy and keep touring as much as possible.

With whom would you like to have a duet-collaboration?

Ted Poley: I would like to sing with Lizy Hale from Halestorm. She rocks!


When you come to think about Danger Danger, do you think about them as a group of friends or do you think about them as “colleagues”?

Ted Poley: Colleauges. We are friendly to each other and have a good time when we see each other but we don’t really socialize. Maybe because we don’t live close to each other. We all have our own lives and do our own thing and we are all very different people so our interests are different. In the old days, we had more in common…like getting fucked and blown by hot chicks. In those days we were a lot closer, sometimes too close if there weren’t enough girls to go around that night.. hahaha


How is your relationship with modern technology? I’m talking about file sharing and all those social networks which are so in fashion.

Ted Poley: Because ot all of the bootlegging, and stealing and free downloading of my music, I have decided not to record any more songs unless its for good pay- up front! I recently released my new solo single BREATHE, which is available on all digital sites (please check it out and buy it). It only costs 99 cents but recently i found that some asshole had posted it online so people can get it for free. I don’t think its asking too much of my fans to pay just 99 fucking cents, but since they still prefer to steal my music, I have decided that i will no longer release cd's at my own expense as i have been doing.


Its a shame too, because I have my best one already written and ready to record.. but its not worth it if people are just going to download it the day after its released. I have an investment to pay back and people would rather steal it for free. I will play concerts. I will sing and then I get paid and then its over. Just like all of you who have jobs, you work and you get paid. That is the concept that i am going with for the future. Imagine of you worked for 8 months and at the end there was no paycheck because someone stole your product.


How has music changed from your debut album to nowadays??

Ted Poley: A good song will always be a good song. Only the production as changed over the years.

What’s your relationship with money?

Ted Poley: It must be a "long distance relationship" because it doesn't seem to be anywhere near me at the moment. lol


Tell your fans a day in life of Ted and Bruno?

Ted Poley: For me, every day is different. But in general, I wake up very early in the morning, have coffee and work on booking my solo band and promoting my solo stuff, running my non music businesses, working out my voice and doing long interviews such as this one. I also enjoy flying remote controlled airplanes, big expensive, dangerous ones.


What kind of music do they like listening to today...

Ted Poley: Currently listening to HIM,HALESTORM, Parachute, Katy Perry, I like all kinds of different stuff.


Which is the album, among the ones you released, that you liked/loved most and why.

Ted Poley: My own band BONEMACHINE's DISAPPEARING INC CD is the best cd I have ever released. No protools, no autotuning, just pure awesomeness. My best vocal performances ever are on that cd. You can probably steal it for free online somewhere. A lot of the songs are on my greatest hits 2 cd set, which you can get at


Ted, what do you think about the DD albums recordered with Paul Laine?

Ted Poley: I like Paul a lot, I have only met him once but he is a nice guy. If I am not in the band, i don’t care who is in the band. Now that I am back, I don’t have to think about it. I never thought about D2 when I was out of the band, I was too busy recording and touring with my other bands Bonemachine, Melodica and as a solo artist to worry about my old job.


What are the main differences between Andy Timmons and Rob Marcello?

Ted Poley: Both guitarists play on a level which is not achievable by rehearsing alone, most guitarists could practice until their fingers fell off and they would never be as amazing as those guys. They have a gift from God.

Rob Marcello (with Vestry) released a very good album. This album, released after the live one, can be considered as his debut inside an unreleased album. How do you get along with him?

Ted Poley: I love Rob! He is always interesting to be around. And i love playing with him because his playing is like magic.


Ted had no idle hands when Danger Danger split up, as a matter of fact, his solo career boasts different releases (Bone Machine, Ted Poley, Melodica, Pleasure Dome, Poley/Picher etc.). What are you going to do after the reunion? Will you go on with that or will you just continue with Danger Danger?

Ted Poley: I always continue to tour as a solo artist and also with D2, i will keep playing with D2 for as long as they want me. When I play as a solo artist I have lots of material to choose from, I have released more music than I can remember. Even I don’t know how many cd's I have made!


Are you working at a new album? Do you feel like telling something about it to your Italian fans?

Ted Poley: No. I have a solo cd all ready but again, I am not going to record it unless a company pays me to do it. I can no longer afford to keep making cds only to have them downloaded for free.


Out of curiosity. Is that story about Bruno t-shirt true, when with Talas? (I’m talking about the one with “Bill Who?” written on it)

Ted Poley: yes its true but it was my fault not Bruno’s..I always seem to cause trouble..I made that shirt for Bruno when I went to see him in concert with Talas before I was in D2, and I didn't know he was going to wear it on stage…it was just an inside joke congratulating him for playing in that band but people took it the wrong way.. the joke wasn't for them, it was just for us.


Thank you so much again for your time and I do hope to see you performing live in Italy soon.

Ted Poley: Thanks to you and all of the Italian fans, please visit my site and if you want to see my new video (and buy it on Itunes), you can find here:



Pubblished July 24, 2011