AngelDevil: Hi David, how are you? Welcome to Rock Rebel Magazine.

David: Thank you, it’s always good to chat with you.


AngelDevil: I want to say that I really like your last record, “The Reckoning” a lot. I think that's a great work, melodic, powerful and quite progressive. The songs invite to discover the past & present heavy metal “creature”. What do you feel is the best song from album that sums up F5 sound?

David: Thank you and ironically, even though we didn’t plan it like this, lyrically the album is laid out like a concept album. It is really a story of Dale’s life from when he was living a dark life to coming over to the other side and really spiritually waking up. With that said, all of the songs are a parallel of my life so I can really relate. I like listening to both F5 records as a body of work so I can’t really pick out any one song over another. They’re kind of like my children in that sense.


AngelDevil: There's a cover song of Fight's "Nailed To The Gun" on your album, why did you choose that song?

David: We have a friend who suggested it to us after we played some acoustic Christmas songs on his radio show in Phoenix back in 2006. After he suggested we do a FIGHT song we went back to our rehearsals and tried “Nailed To the Gun” and it sounded great! Our style is great to cover the song and Dale can really sing that stuff with power.


AngelDevil: Something about your band…Could you tell me a bit about the personalities of the members (two or three words association for each member)?

David: Steve is a true metal guitar gun-slinger.

John is well mannered but has a fierce right hand for slugging out the F5 rhythm parts.

Dale is a great friend and is a brilliant lyricist. He’s very prolific as a writer.

Jimmy is a fantastic drummer and a total pro. One of my closest friends, too.


I consider everyone in the group to be good friends of mine and I have great admiration for their musical talents.


AngelDevil:Are you planning a European tour? Will we see you in Italy?

David: Once the album comes out we are hoping to get some dates in order. Italy is one of my favourite countries (to the point that we named my son is named Roman!) so I hope F5 can play there this year.


AngelDevil: Hope soon!! The other thing I really like is the cover art. How important, in general, is the art and packaging?

David: As a fan I judged many albums by the artwork. Judas Priest, AC/DC and KISS covers were as fun to look at as the music I was listening to. So, even though so much music is now online I still the artwork has to make a strong statement about the band and the music inside that it’s worth going the extra distance to create strong CD covers.


AngelDevil: What about the studio and recording atmosphere… Do you enjoy doing producing and playing everything yourself?

David: I like to work within bands. Everyone has strengths in a group and I think when you can capitalize on those you really can make something much stronger that a solo effort, in most cases. In solo work is really a team behind the scenes. Although we musicians are the famous ones there are a lot of people’s efforts that make a record. It’s not just the songwriters and the players….


AngelDevil: I've read about your presence to Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding show in Phoenix how was it?

David: It was a great show. I think F5 had a really strong set and one of the things that makes us stand out in a setting like that is the power and melody we combine, so even if you’re not a metal fan you can’t deny that the group has strong songs that you can sing along to and remember.


AngelDevil: Alice Cooper is the combination of a musical act, a theatrical show and an expression...

David: Alice is a great guy first and foremost, which is important when working with people in the industry. His work and legacy are amazing and he paved the way for so many bands to do what they did. That includes everyone from KISS to SLIPKNOT! Alice made it clear that when you’re onstage it is a show and when you’re offstage you can be a regular guy with a real life. He’s been a real inspiration to me as an artist and as a gentleman.


AngelDevil: Let's talk about your book …When did you first decide to write “Making Music Your Business, A Guide for Young Musicians”? I think a perfect book for to those who are just starting out and considering making a career in the music industry.

David: I wrote it in 1994-96, mostly during the YOUTHANSIA world tour. I was inspired to write so I wrote about what I knew best…music and the business around it. They say everyone has at least one book in them, meaning their autobiography, so I’m glad I got a head start!


AngelDevil: You are also a regular contributing author for Bass Player Magazine?

David: Yes, I wrote columns for them initially back in 1993 or so. The editor at that time, Jim Roberts was a great guy so I pitched my book idea to him and he became the editor on it and helped it get published.


Since then, I’ve written other things for the magazine, one of which was a cover story on Cliff Burton of METALLICA back in early 2006. I was honoured that they called me to write that piece.


AngelDevil: So you always try to stay busy? So what you working on now?

David: I wake up everyday with music and working toward the cause as my main focus. I love to play. I have a saying now that I do this “for the passion of the art and the love of the game”. That pretty much sums me up.

Fortunately, I get called to play on a lot of things in addition to F5 so I’m glad to be busy with “bass in hand”.


AngelDevil: You’ re real artist for me!

What do love to listen your kids, Roman and Athena? Are fan of rock/heavy metal sound?

David: Lately, Athena has been listening to THERION in the car with me. She loves the TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA and try to go hang with my friend Al Pitrelli when they come through Phoenix on tour. She’s also diggin’ PINK. She’s a rocker for sure!

Roman is really into history of music and digs everything from Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton to the Beatles and Nirvana. He’s pretty broad for a 12 year old! I think he’s just now finding out about all the work I’ve done in my career and how far reaching it has been to so many people, mostly because his friends are starting to be fans of metal music. But to him, I’m still just his dad!


AngelDevil: What was the first record you listened to or bought?

David: The VERY first record I liked was by a Motown singer named MARY WELLS, a record my mom had when I was a kid. The first stuff that I really liked was around 10 or 11 years old when I started hearing SWEET, AEROSMITH and STYX on the radio. I think my first album was an 8 track of BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE’s “Not Fragile”. I love that record to this day…it was SO heavy back in 1974 and the songs still hold up today in my ears.


AngelDevil: Which is the greatest satisfaction happened to you in your musical career?

David: I’ve had so many of them. Some of them are the big things like Grammy nominations, getting platinum awards, etc. but then there are so many like walking offstage with a brand new band like F5, or just finishing a new record and unveiling it for the first time. It’s still a thrill to turn on the radio and hear songs I’ve played on across the airwaves or have someone tell you they just saw you on TV for something.


I grew up with a passion for all this so being able to keep that going has been huge for me.


AngelDevil: Just the last question. The criticism that hurts you?

David: Some people don’t want you to move on to new things in your life because THEY can’t deal with it, so they’ll criticize you just to try and make themselves feel better. That’s a hang up on their side, not on my side. At one point that bothered me because I took it personal, like I owed them something. But then I realized, I don’t owe those people anything and I’ll never please them because they are living in a delusion.


That’s why I’ve moved on to so many creatively rewarding things these past few years. I’m just going with the flow instead of trying to second guess myself and live for someone else. I think that’s the true meaning of having integrity. As the saying goes, “to thine own self be true”.


AngelDevil: You are GREAT ARTIST!! Thank you so much David. It was a great pleasure to me!!! Anything you wanna tell your Italian fans?

David: As always, thank you for hanging with me for so many years of music. The pleasure has been mine!