AngelDevil: Hey Derek, how’s it going? 

Derek: I’m doing very well, thanks for asking.


AngelDevil: I’m listening to your songs on your MySpace! Very cool stuff. You’re an amazing solo artist. In your project you write your own music and everything, so it takes time. You've got the skills and energy to do it. How does that make you feel? And how did you get into the music industry?

Derek: It makes me feel…excited! I’m always amazed how a song can start from a melody in my head or riff on the guitar. Then, introducing the song to the band is always interesting. The song always reaches the next level. Then recording the song in the studio where it really gets magical. It blows my mind!


I got into music through my Dad. He has his doctorate in music. So I was raised with music all around me. I started with drums, then I found the piano and in my teens I fell in love with the guitar. I was always amazed how some of the bands I listened to could write a song with a handful of chords. 


AngelDevil: To anyone who hasn’t heard of you before, how would you describe your sound? And what can people expect from your gig?

Derek: I would say the sound is classic rock with a modern sound.  You can expect nothing but passion when I’m on stage.  I’m all or nothing. So when I’m on stage it’s ALL!


AngelDevil: Where have you found the inspiration to write this album?

Derek: Hmmm it’s been a roller coaster ride. I guess I wrote the album based upon my experiences. There’ve been incredible highs and incredible lows…the lows were blessings in disguise…I can only say that only now though!


AngelDevil: So your debut single called "Taker By Nature" is available on iTunes. Production was handled by Andy Vivanco. How long did recording take - what was one of the highlights?

Derek: We were in the Studio for 10 days. The highlights were Andy Vivanco’s production skills. He helped with the arrangements and was God-send when it came to the vocals. He always pushes me to do the best I can...even when I don’t have anymore to give…he somehow gets more out of me!


AngelDevil: Your debut album is self produced and it’s not distributed by a major. Who do you look up to within the industry? When can we expect to hear more tunes from you, as your debut single "Taker By Nature" is an amazing song?

Derek: I look up to people who do what they do for the love of it.  Nothing else! Just the love of music!

We’re currently in pre-production. So stay tuned! I have a lot more to say!


AngelDevil: I am sure you play with cool guys. Tell me about this line-up

Derek: I’m currently playing with David Demeter on the Drums and Steve Holmgren on bass. Andy Vivanco will be helping out with harmony vocals, guitar and piano. I couldn’t ask for any better players! And they’re so easy to get along with. I’m truly grateful.


AngelDevil: What band or musician do you admire? Who is one of your favorite guitarists?

Derek: Oh man, there’s so many. Beatles, Queen, Depeche Mode, STP, Foo Fighters just to name a few. I love Dean’s playing from STP. He’s incredible songwriter too!



AngelDevil: What’s in your CD player or on your iPod?

Derek: STP Shangri la di da. I absolutely love this album!



AngelDevil: Was your family supportive of you career choice?

Derek: Yes they are! They still like the idea of certainty with a “real job”…but they are supportive. They put me through private lessons for a considerable amount of time. Not cheap! lol


AngelDevil: Which are your ambitions and expectations about the future?

Derek: I expect nothing but the best from myself. To take continuous action everyday….spiritually, physically, mentally. This is a tough business and you have to stay focused! In EVERY area of you life!


AngelDevil: Well Derek, thank you for your time. It was a pleasure making this interview. What would you like to say to end this interview?

Derek: It’s an old Cliché “live today like it’s your last”