AngelDevil: Hi Adrian how is life at the moment?

Adrian: I'm gonna go ahead and field these inquiries.  I hope that's cool.  I think I speak for everyone in the band when I tell you that life is exciting at present, to say the very least.


AngelDevil: So tell me a little bit about the band. How was it formed and how did it first get started? And tell us a little about the musicians who play with you.

Adrian: If my history of the band is correct, and I like to think that it is, Billy and Joe both played in a slew of other bands before the Fates brought them together to form Divide in 2001, although it was under a different moniker at the time.  They remained the band's core members as other musicians came and went over the next few years, until the present line up, which seems to be a comfortable fit. 

Joe is the vocalist, and writes the lyrics.  Billy plays bass, with his fingers no less, a lost art form to be sure.  Brian plays drums, very well by most standards.  Adam and I play guitar and guitar, respectively.


AngelDevil: I listened the new song called, "Lookin' For Trouble" on your Myspace. You've got some real cool sounds in there!! I love your music! You guys are working on a new album, right? Do you wanna talk about the new songs a bit?

Adrian: We're all really excited about "Lookin' For Trouble."  It kind of encompasses the band, both in the sound and energy, and the theme of the lyrics.  We tried to make an anthemic sort of party song with it.  The sort of song you might listen to before a night on the town, or like, maybe a hockey game.  Any sort of atmosphere where you want to get yourself excited.    

The new songs all have a more direct message behind them, lyrically, in the sense that you can listen to them and say "This song is about this" and they have more of a story line for you to follow, which might be interesting.  The music is in the same vein as our last project, "Deadly Like The Snake."  Our dirty, riff heavy, vintage Cowboy, motorcycle/bar/Western rock vibe.  We've been working with Mark Needham, who is a man of massive repute (look him up if you want to see some credentials,) and Jeff Johnson, and they both helped to funnel our energy and ideals into a more focused sound.  It was a new thing for us having any sort of guidance during writing, and it turned out pretty well.


AngelDevil: When you make a new song, how does it see the light? Who is major responsible for the song writing, who comes up with the ideas?

Adrian:The process is long. The first step is a really small idea that you think up whilst you clean your room, or drive to Jack in the Box, or can't sleep at night.  Then you sit in your room and play with the idea until it either makes you frustrated to the point of insanity, or it comes so naturally that you worry you've subconsciously ripped it off from another band.  But you didn't.  This is typically accompanied by the thought "This is so great, why hasn't anyone else thought of this?"  Those ideas usually turn into the best songs. The other kind…..not so much.  Then you think of other parts.  Then you record all of the parts into a general song, and show it to the band.  They tell you it sounds just alright.  You're sad.  Joe puts some vocals over it.  It gets better.  The band works on parts, adds things that are good, takes out things that aren't so good, moves parts around, tells you that your solo is too long because they don't know what a good solo is, and hammers out the kinks until the song gets to a common ground that everybody likes.  In the end, everyone contributes to writing in one way or another that is the general process.  


AngelDevil: How would you define your sound and what are your main sources of inspiration?

Adrian: It's probably not difficult to define, but this question usually gets some scratching of the collective head, and a lot of "Um…..well…."  To be as simple as possible with the answer, I think our sound is a mix of the grit and attitude of our favorite bands.  We listen to a huge array of music, but the bands that really influence us musically are staples in everyone's catalogue.  Bands like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots, Iron maiden, Guns N Roses, Prince, Motley Crue, Led Zepplin, etcetera, etcetera.  We're kind of a throwback to those bands of rock lore, if I may be so bold.


AngelDevil: How did "Pretty Girls With Ugly Boys" do for you? How will this new album differ? And which songs in your opinion represent Divide the Day 's sounds the best?

Adrian: "Pretty Girls…" was a major waypoint in Divide's timeline because it was the album that helped build the fanbase.  Those were the songs that the people knew and wanted to hear at shows, and still do in fact.  Some of us (Brian, Adam and myself) weren't part of the band at the time, but people still want to hear those jams, and we do our part to appease them by playing a few of the choice cuts from the "Pretty Girls…" flank.

It's hard to say what songs represent the band's sound best, because each of the albums has a different sound.  I can, however, tell you the songs we like playing the most live are probably "El Perro Negro," "Spook, the Horse," and "Blackwater Street."  I could be wrong about that.


AngelDevil: What kind of response to your music are you experiencing from your audience?

Adrian: As far as "Deadly Like The Snake" is concerned, it's extremely positive.  Most people won't tell you if they think your music sucks, and that works to our benefit.  We haven't had a chance to play the newest material yet, but we're hoping for the same sort of reaction.  


AngelDevil: How would you describe your live shows?

Adrian: That's our niche!  We have a lot of fun when we play, and it's contagious.  It's like a big party.  Everyone has a good time. 


AngelDevil: When you’re on the road, what kinds of things do you like to do with your free time on tour?

Adrian: I have to be cautious with this answer.  We like to go out.  If we know someone in town, they'll usually take us to a good place to hang out.  If we don't, we'll just make some place the cool place to hang out.  We just like to have fun.  Lots of sleeping.  Some movies or games.  We all like to go sightseeing when possible.  Especially locales of historical significance.  


AngelDevil: Any plan for the upcoming future?

Adrian: Big plans.  Recording and releasing the new album.  Lots and lots of touring.  Hopefully we'll get the opportunity to tour internationally this time around.  Making new fans and friends all over.  And good times everywhere we go.  


AngelDevil: Who are you listening to these days?

Adrian: Brian's been listening classic rock.  Always.  95.5 KLOS.  MC5 and Zepplin are his faves. Billy, for some reason, Loves Air Supply, always has and I think always will... I don't think Joe listens to music at all.

I listen to a lot of soundtrack stuff.  "Last of the Mohicans" is the best.

I don't know about these other dudes.


AngelDevil: How do you enjoy your free time?

Adrian: Hanging out and watching movies. Lots of books. Drinking beers and writing new jams


AngelDevil: Well, Thank you very much for your availability. Is there anything you want to share with your fans and readers of Rock Rebel Inside magazine?

Adrian: Thanks for taking a few minutes to check us out!  Hope you enjoyed the insight. Have a fine day.  


AngelDevil: Good luck with everything!! Hope see you soon in Milan!

Adrian: Fashion capital of the world!