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AngelDevil: Lets talk about the new record. Which is the best aspect about "Smoke And Mirrors" for you? And what does "Smoke And Mirrors" means to you, title and lyrics?

George Lynch: I think the best aspect of “some an mirrors” is that solidifies the lynch mob sound and style that we established back in ‘90 with “wicked sensation”

The title works on a couple different levels. At the most basic level its a short, simple, easy to grasp hook that people can remember.

Secondly, musicianship and the record making process can be distorted by the technology that we use to communicate what we create and I think, too often, (and I’m just as guilty of this as anybody) , the medium becomes the message rather than being just a facilitator for that message.

On a third level the title represents a little bit of wishful thinking on my behalf. I wasn’t involved in writing the lyrics or nor did I get to convey any of my personal opinions about things I feel are important and that I’m passionate about. If I was any good at expressing my views through our lyrics, “smoke and mirrors” would represent methods the robber barons and profiteers use to convince people to advocate against their and their future generations best interest


AngelDevil: After several musical projects... what’s the reason about the great return on the scene of Lynch Mob after so many years of silence? How did that album come out, what about the idea you got?

George Lynch: In retrospect I realized it was the most valid thing id done musically and it also had a good commercial success. It deserved to be revived and revisited. The wicked record was a reaction to the sterility and in-organic quality of Dokken and thats were my heart lies musically; in the blues.


AngelDevil: What are you expecting from this new album?

George Lynch: Were expecting to re establish the band as a bed rock blues based rock group that matters. This band has so much potential as opposed to mant legacy bands that are just rehashing their old songs..everytime we get together its an energy charged jam and we cant help but constantly come up with new ideas and continuously push our own envelope


AngelDevil: If you had to convince a reader of the RockRebelMagazine to buy "Smoke And Mirrors", what would you say to him?

George Lynch: I’d tell him if he buys the record his wildest dreams will come true...and if he doesn’t he and his whole family will die a tragic un-timely demise!


AngelDevil: ahahah…Are you planning a tour with this new record? Will we see you in Italy?

George Lynch: Lm will be busting our asses touring as heavily as possibly throughout 2010..winning hearts and minds one show at a time


AngelDevil: We're living in the internet age, with so many possibilities to spread music and reach people without the music industry distribution. what do you think about that?

George Lynch: I’m old school and am used to the traditional record company model even though I know its evil and unfair...but I do reluctantly embrace the new paradigm. I mean, unless you’re a multi-millionaire superstar you don’t really have a choice do you?

AngelDevil: I love your  songs and your style!! You're a master and a reference for many guitarists for your style and your music. Your fans know that in a George Lynch record they can find a familiar sound and original melodies. Where do you find your inspiration and what is your compositional process? How can you describe George Lynch and his music?

George Lynch: Its sinister bombastic blues but at its heart its just raw emotion...and in the final analysis thats what all great art conveys  passion, angst, heartbreak, elation  but I don’t think you can just decide to emote..youre either built that way or not


AngelDevil: What incentive the music gives to you? What did this world teach to you?

George Lynch: Well I like to get paid so thats a strong incentive! Lol..but seriously its sad to think how mundane life would probably be without a creative outlet. With all that ive been through in life the one constant denominator has been my guitar and my music. Its a living breathing evolving thing and its a comforting and safe place to go..sort of like a safe harbour amidst a constantly raging sea


AngelDevil: I'd like to ask a few questions more about playing live, equipment, and playing in general… Which is your favourite guitar model and why?

George Lynch: Right now ive fallen back in love with my original esp tiger. Last year it was my esp gl56..i also have a 59 esquire that a friend loaned me that I love..

When you compose music, where do you start from and what kind of equipment do you use?


The best sparks fly when your playing with and against other players and the chemistry is good.. im playing with brian tichey right now and hes my dream drummer..were like the 2 headed improve just never ends! Ill capture initial ideas any way I can thats convenient and easy.. I prefer real tape machines.. the older the better


AngelDevil:What you believe in the fundamental technical know of a great guitarist?

George Lynch: I believe theres many methods to greatness..Technique is great, self taught is great, all methods are valid..the point is the end result and since people are wired differently from one another no one methodology works for everyone


AngelDevil: What did it change in Gorge Lynch life from the beginning of his career?

George Lynch: If I hadn’t ended up going down the music path I most likely would have ended up the district manager of a shoe store or something ultra mundane like that...maybe selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door, maybe id own my own fast food restaurant, maybe drive a truck, maybe id be a hobo...all of which id actually done before I became a pro musician.



AngelDevil: Which quality would you say is your strongest, the one that makes you who you are, that defines your special personality?

George Lynch: You’re assuming I have a personality...obviously you haven’t met me!  Lol

Seriously though, I'm a very dedicated person. Dedicated to family, friends, bands (which are both friends and family to me), ideas...and I care about people...I cant help it, I don’t like giving up on anything or anyone and I naturally hope that most people will do the right thing givin a chance...of course that optimistic world view has left me very disappointed in human nature in the past! lol


AngelDevil: Sex, drugs and rock n' roll, what do you say?

George Lynch: Well sex and drugs have always been around..Rock n roll in its present form is a relative newcomer. lol.. I’m not interested in making a religion of rock n roll as some people attempt to do..its a very important means of reflecting on our social and cultural realities and, unlike religion, its not polarizing


AngelDevil: Who is George in his daily life? How do you enjoy your free time?
George Lynch: free time? Whats that? Lol   I’m politically active and aware.. I consider myself a political radical , an environmentalist and a humanist or naturalist. I love getting away on my Harley and spending time in the southwest desert.. Arizona, Utah, new Mexico, Nevada   id be perfectly happy spending the rest of my life exploring these places


AngelDevil: Fantastic! Love Harley… Ok George, time’s up. It was a pleasure making this interview. Hope see you soon in Milan. Something I didn’t ask while your fans would like to know about you?

George Lynch: I’m naked


Smoke and Mirrors

Frontiers Records - 2009



For this interview: Special Thanks for the hook up to Gingio Muehlbauer

December 17, 2009