Interview with vocalist Lee of rock band Gypsy Pistoleros


AngelDevil: Hi Lee, welcome to Rock Rebel Magazine. How are you?

Lee:Fine gorgeous, how you doin me darlin! We're rehearsing way too much at the moment! Plus finishing off writing the new album & getting ready for all the Festivals this year.


AngelDevil:I am really impressed from your music. It has damn contagious songs! How would you define Gypsy Pistoleros's sound?

Lee: Thank you! Its The Gypsie Kings in a head on collision with Hanoi Rocks!! Gypsy Flamenco Rumba Punk Glam Sleaze Rock n Roll!! lol


AngelDevil: You have guys a new CD in stores now, entitled "The Greatest Flamenco Sleaze Glam Band Ever! Greatest Hits, Vol. 1", I thinks is good idea. What song would you say is still exciting for you to play?

Lee:All of them me doll before we tour, after 3 weeks on the road! Pistolero, Bandido, mangi, switchblade kiss & the best songs are the two newest Johnny Peligroso & Viva Zapata! Which is great, the two newest are my favourites. Cant wait to record the new album.


AngelDevil: So, are we gonna see a new album soon?

Lee: Oh yes!!! All the songs are ready. It will be called 'DUENDE!' This will have more of a Flamenco, rumba edge to it ( without losing the rock n roll, punky edge). With guest appearances from the Reyes family and other esteemed Flamenco stars. 'DUENDE!' Tracks will include Johnny Peligroso, Viva Zapata, Nowhere Train, Another Light, Rattlin, Just another Friday Night, Soy Macarra, The Forsaken, Graveyard of Tears, A town called Nowhere , Gonna die with a Gun in my Hand, and They call me Django . We will be recording it over the Wnter with Simon Efemy ( The Wildhearts, Paradise Lost, Skid Row) & the Godfather of Glam Mike Chapman ( Blondie, The Sweet, The Knack, Pat Beneta, etc) For Summer release next year ! New songs are sounding great!!


AngelDevil: Speaking of your last album "Welcome To The Hotel De La Muerte". The album came out in October via Bad Reputation Records. How has it been received by the press/fans so far and what goals did you set for yourselves with this album?

Lee: Not great from our side , budget, rush job again! Joe Gibb our producer ( Janes Addiction, Catatonia, The Kinks, The Cure, Funeral for a friend) was going through a real breakdown. So it wasnt great. Press reaction was great! But they expected a great full album, & we have it. Just didnt have the deal in place to do it how we wanted & really blow people away. That's why the new album will be done properly.

AngelDevil: You have played to Italy...So, what was that like for you? Can we expect to see you again?

Lee: Loved it! We played on the Faster Pussycat, Enuffz Enuf, Bullet Boys, Gypsy Pistoleros tour in 2008! Pretty girls!!! Great reaction, real rock n roll fans ( who really know their music), cant wait to tour Italy again!


AngelDevil: I was wondering what you most enjoy about touring and being on the road.

Lee: You're out with your best mates, playing your own music at your own party every night, meeting new amazing people & seeing great new places!! It is the best job in the World!


AngelDevil: Nowadays guys don't but cd due to high cost. What do you think about it?

Lee:Record labels are trying to hang on to their hold over music & they wont. Our label Bad Reputation  are great, some fantastic bands, but they dont have the $$ like the Majors.

As long as the people who want your music can get hold of it, then that's cool!


AngelDevil: People have dreams, wishes, hopes. which are yours?

Lee: As long as we're on a Tourbus out there gigging, releasing new albums, we're living it!!!


AngelDevil: What are your interests, beyond music.

Lee: Reading, football, kung Fu, family!!


AngelDevil: It's been a pleasure talking with you. Anything you wanna tell your Italian fans?

Lee: Lovely talking to you!! & Italy, see ya soon, ya beautiful loco rock n roll animals. And for all you, here's some free MP3 downloads  Da Pistoleros love ya!