Here an video interview with HARDCORE SUPERSTAR singer Jocke Berg, a few minutes before the bands goes onstage at the LIVE Club in Trezzo (Milano, Italy) as the headliners of the Dark Decadence Tour with 69 Eyes and Crashdiet.


Our questions:

1- Hi Jocke. How is going the tour, so far?


2- Let's talk about Guestlist, a song written down to show to your fans that you are not impolite but you only need to stand alone for a while after a gig. Am I right?


3- Split Your Lip is a very good and mature work, with great songs like Here Comes That Sick Bitch or Run To your Mom. In your opinion, what shows more clearly about the early days of the band?


4- I think that a video-clip is a very important mean to broadcast your own music, especially in the YouTube-era. What do you think about it?


5- What's the best suggest you ever have received and who has given you that one?


6- What means, for you, living a life as a rocker?


7- Besides music, what are your interests or hobbies? I know, for example, Adde has a great passion for Scandinavian design and he's very involved in cooking.

Check out the photo from the show HERE

Backstage Photos credit: Patrizia Cogliati photographer

Published April 16, 2011