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Here an interview with Chris Howorh (guitar) from Southern California's In This Moment. They have released a new record, "The Dream (Ultra-Violet Edition)", which features their version of "Call Me".

AngelDevil: Hi Chris, it's my pleasure to know you through this interview. So first of all, congratulations. Obviously it’s getting an amazing reception. Are you ever surprised by the wide variety of people that listen to In This Moment?
Chris- Hello, the pleasure is all mine, thank you for the interview! We are so grateful for all the amazing opportunities we've had and how well our albums have been received, and yes I am always surprised by the different types of people that listen to us, metal heads to rock fans and punk and emo and all that different stuff, its really awesome that we can reach such a broad audience, we are just happy to be playing music and that people actually care, its a great feeling.
AngelDevil: You are releasing "The Dream – Ultra Violet Edition" on July. What can you tell me about? I know including three bonus tracks. How did you decide to cover "Call Me"? I love it. So, how did the idea of this special edition CD come up?
Chris- We wanted to do something special to coincide with the Warped Tour this summer, we had some bonus tracks and stuff for the re release but our manager came up with idea of doing the Blondie cover, we all liked the song and thought it would be fun to give our fans something extra on the re release and after we heard the finished version everyone around us wanted to make it the next single so we went for it, I am glad you like the song thanks, it's gotten a really good reception overall.
AngelDevil: The songs on "The Dream" are great, it includes some different moods. I think a really good work. Which song on the new album is the best, in your opinion?
Chris- Thank you so much, we really played from our hearts on The Dream, so all the moods and emotion are 100% genuine, it's hard to pick a favorite, but if you twist my arm I would say "Forever" that was the first song we recorded with our producer, and we had instant chemistry and sparks "Forever" was born in 2 days, we knew Keven Churko was our producer, it's just a really catchy old school metal/rock song that people can relate too, I am really proud of it.

AngelDevil: Has writing for the "The Dream" been more or less difficult than working on "Beautiful Tragedy" and does the band feel any added pressure to try and match or outdo the success with the next record?
Chris- The writing process for The Dream definitely went quicker and easier  than Beautiful Tragedy, we agonized over the writing process for Beautiful Tragedy scrutinizing everything and arguing most of the time....on The Dream everyone wanted the same thing and was really open to any and all ideas no matter who came up with them, we felt a strong Chemistry with our producer and honestly felt like we were recording something really special as things came together. We tried not to think about the pressures of doing our second record and peoples expectations, we did what we thought sounded the best, and made a record we liked.

AngelDevil: Going back, how did you guys get together as a band?
Chris- It started out with me and Maria writing 3 songs, then Jeff and Blake and Jesse came on board and we wrote more songs and started gigging locally in Los Angeles and promoting ourselves through Myspace, got a decent buzz going and went on tour by ourselves playing across the US, thankfully people liked us and started contacting us and we got our manager, then our record label and the rest is history!


AngelDevil: If I asked you to choose a few bands that influenced your style and approach to playing, who would they be?
Chris- Thats easy for me, Ozzy (I love all his guitarist's especially Jake E Lee and Zakk, Pantera (Dimebag is the baddest of the bad) , Metallica , Megadeth, Def Leppard (love the great songs), Journey (great songs)
AngelDevil: I was wondering, what do you most enjoy about touring and being on the road?
Chris- Thats easy too. I love playing shows and being on tour it's what I’ve always dreamed of doing and it never gets old, I also really enjoy meeting the fans and talking to the people who support us, its really rewarding feeling to hear what people think of our music an to get the chance to thank them in person, sounds kinda nerdy but it's true!

AngelDevil: What has been the most memorable date of the tour so far?
Chris- The most memorable date of warped tour was probably Denver, we had a raging all girl circle pit that was spinning around us, it was so killer........the most memorable show of the career so far was opening for Ozzy and Rob Zombie at Madison Square garden in NY 2 days before Christmas.....that one will be hard to top!

AngelDevil: Any chance to see you live in Italy?
Chris- We would LOVE to come to Italy, I really hope we can someday, we are friends with Lacuna Coil maybe we can convince them to bring us to Italy to open for them ha ha that would be amazing!  
AngelDevil: Good!  Andrea of Lacuna Coil is my friend from long years. So, are you fascinated by other kind of arts or you're completely absorbed by your music?
Chris- I am very absorbed in my music and its my passion, but I love all forms of art, movies and books are my favorite but I appreciate everything. 
AngelDevil: What would you pick if you had to choose between Sex, Drugs und Rock `n`Roll?
Chris- Rock and Fucking Roll!
AngelDevil: It looks like 2009 is shaping up to be quite a big year for you. What can we expect from In This Moment?
Chris- we are doing our first US headlining tour this fall, and are currently writing music for our 3rd album that we will be recording this winter for a summer 2010 release, we are fired up and ready to write another record.

AngelDevil: Thanks much for taking the time to answer my questions. Wish you good luck with future recordings and tours. Is there anything you'd like to leave us with?
Chris- To our fans, thanks for supporting us and we love you.......believing is Creating.