Tornano gli Ascension Of The Watchers, la band del frontman dei Fear Factory, Burton C. Bell, con il secondo album, “Apocrypha”, in uscita il 9 ottobre tramite Dissonance Productions. L’album sarà disponibile nei formati CD, digitale e in vinile in edizione limitata.


“Apocrypha” track listing:

01. Ghost Heart
02. The End Is Always The Beginning
03. Apocrypha
04. A Wolf Interlude
05. Honorée
06. Stormcrow
07. Cygnus Aeon
08. Key To The Cosmos
09. Bells Of Perdition
10. Wanderers
11. Sign Your Name


“Apocrypha” recording credits:

Burton C. Bell – Vocals, Guitar
John Bechdel – Keyboards
Jayce Lewis – Drums, Backing Vocals, Programming

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