Red hair and magnetic blue eyes.. from Copenhagen  Anne Lindfjeld has an marvellous beauty, and of course so sexy!! Known to many fans for her appearances in magazines as well as her work for Headbangers Ball on Danish MTV.


Credits Photo: Gabrielle Geiselman
Credits Photo: Gabrielle Geiselman

AngelDevil: Hi Anne, I know you must be extremely busy, so thank you for taking the time to do this interview, it is greatly appreciated!

Anne: Sure thing, just hanging out here on a Monday night.


AngelDevil: So in Feb you have hosted and judged the Pinup Contest at the annual Tattoo convention in Milan. Did you enjoy this experience in Milan? Wanna tell me something about it?

Anne: Well all the girls were very pretty; I just wish I understood what they all said. Italian- not my strong side I gotta say. Luckily in Pinup it's all about curves, attitude and style and I don't need any words to judge any of that.


AngelDevil: OK, let's go back to your first modeling days. How where you scouted?

How did you feel being in front of the camera for the first time?

Anne: I scouted myself. I won a photoshoot through a magazine way back, and the photographer was very impressed as was I. I was also very surpsised by how comfortable I was with the camera and decided that I wanted to explore it.


AngelDevil: Why Pin up? What would you say is your favorite aspect of being a pin-up model?

Anne: I don't consider myself a classic Pinup, I do Pinup yes but I also do  lot of High Fashion, runway and that sort of stuff which has nothing to do with Pinup. My favourite part of being a model is definetely meeting all the creative people, coming up with great concepts and seeing the finished product.

Credits Photo:Gabrielle Geiselman
Credits Photo:Gabrielle Geiselman

AngelDevil: When you were young did you ever look to any famous model for inspiration?

Anne: I never thought id be doing this, this was never a dream of mine, I thought I would be a race car driver  or a trucker when I was a kid, and my idols were Slash, Axl rose, Dolly Parton and Madonna.. I didn't get into the whole Pinup culture till after I started modeling, and my heroes are Dita Von Tease, Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, Judy Garland and many more.


AngelDevil: Do you work with any special photographers on a regular basis?

Anne: I have worked a lot with Steve Prue he is one of my good friends and we work pretty good together. Another amazing and mindblowing photographer that I also love working with is Gabrielle Geiselman, she is absolutely fabulous. I have worked with the same guy on all my FHM shoots his name is sigurd hoejen, also a great dude... and of course there a bunch of artists out there that I would kill to shoot with like David Lachapelle, Chad Michael Ward, Terry Richardson etc, 666 photography etc


AngelDevil: What is your favorite photo of yourself? Do you have any dreams or goals you're shooting for?

Anne: They change all the time, I think right now it is the one I took of my feet in my green socks making turtle feet, thats pretty funny..... I like to show people that I m not just a pretty face, and that there is more to me that Photoshop. I find it very imported to portray pictures of myself as myself and with friends on my space and face book so my fans can see that i m just like everyone else. When it comes to goals, I m working on Playboy, I’ve been in American Playboy once and had a 2 page layout in Italian Playboy. I got my 2 appearance coming up in US Playboy coming up in May but it is tiny. Getting a full page in that magazine is absolutely something I would love to have, but I also know it's probably never gonna happen cuz of my drawings. The one other dream I have is shooting for Lachapelle.


AngelDevil: Do you travel much for your modeling?

Anne: I won't say I m travelling for shooting, ill say I m travelling a lot and shooting always just happens when I travel.... stuff always comes up. I m not making a lot of money being a model, and I m not doing it to make money, I've always been in this game for the fun and the great people I meet.


AngelDevil: Ok, talk briefly about your debut in Headbangers Ball on Danish MTV. How did you get start? Are you satisfied with it?

Anne: They basically hit me up on myspace 3 years ago asking if I had an interest in hosting the show, I said yes, and sucked balls the first show. I had never been in front of a film camera before and got the job 14 days before the first show aired. I was scared shitless. I love the show, and the fans of metal but unfortunately the channel does not consider metal and rock a priority so I always have to work under extreme pressure or limited conditions which sometimes make me look bad or limits my ability to bring new videos to the viewers. It's is basically a money problem and I do love the job... mainly cuz it allows me to travel and be flexible and at the same time work with music which I love.

AngelDevil: Which the bands have impressed your work experience?

Anne: I was extremely impressed by Marilyn Manson, a dude from Copenhagen won a contest and had Manson play in his tiny living room in his apartment in Copenhagen. It was amazing. Only 15 people sitting on the floor was the audience, the entire Danish press outside the window and then us... the whole building was bouncing... priceless.


AngelDevil: What kind of music are you listening to these days?

Anne: My latest buy was Lamb of god-Wrath and Dolly Parton- Backwoods Barbie. Both great records. I listen to basically anything as long as it fits my mood and I consider it great music. My collection holds everything from death metal to swing and classic. I do prefer metal-rock and country though.


AngelDevil: If you could play lead role in any type of movie, what kind of movie and or music videos would it be?

Anne: Some kinda horror flick, and if I could have Rob Zombie direct it that would be killler.


AngelDevil: What is your personal style like? Do you have a favorite style item that you own?

Anne: I don't have a style, I don't think about style or clothes that much... cheap is awesome... I do have a weekness for shoes though.. and I guess my shoes are what make my style no matter what I wear. My style item is my hair.


AngelDevil: What's the most extravagant item that you have bought? Still wear/use it?

Anne: My boobs... they’re pretty damn extravagant and I wear them every day.


AngelDevil: ah ah ah ok. Which internet websites would you say you spend most of your time at?

Anne: Myspace, facebook, and Wikipedia.


AngelDevil: What are the future plans?

Anne: I never make plans really, the only plans I have for right now is Ink and Iron in June, and Rockilde Festival in July.


AngelDevil: What’s the most important thing for you in your life, something you won’t ever give over?

Anne: My friends and my family are the only important things for me, I live like a gypsy, in a suitcase just traveling whenever it suits me crashing with friends where ever I go, don't own anything really but my cd's, books, shoes and that stuff is all tucked away in my friends basement. I am very anti material, I m more about experiences and people.


AngelDevil: Anne special thanks, and good luck for all!